The Detroit Lions will not make the playoffs or maybe even have a winning record this year. This does not stop them from being on the road of improvement. The Detroit Lions may not be good for some time; that is something that is unpredictable. What can be examined is the moves the organization has made to put them on the right path.


One of the biggest changes the organization has made in the past years has been hiring Dan Campbell. Campbell brings a new fire to the team that has motivated the players to a new degree. Something we clearly haven’t seen in games since Campbell got hired was fear going into games.

The Detroit Lions now play with no fear, even against the best teams in the NFL, and this makes them play with a kind of drive that means even if they lose games, they gave it their all and fought to the end of the game.

Campbell also brings a style of coaching to the Detroit Lions, play calling has improved since his hiring, and there’s clear trust between coaches and players to execute what is called even if it’s a big risk.

Wide Receiver Core

The new wide receiver core built by the Detroit Lions has looked extremely promising in the last few seasons. You can’t talk about receivers without talking about one player that isn’t even a receiver. Tight end T.J Hockenson has quickly become a dominant player for the Detroit Lions.

Joining the team in 2019, Hockenson has done a phenomenal job at being a solid option for the Detroit Lions in passing. Switching to receiver Amon-Ra St Brown has developed as a good receiver since being drafted to the Lions in 2021.

These are just two of the examples of how the new receivers are reliable and want to play for the Detroit Lions. This is much more important than most fans think. When a player is committed to a team, they will give it their all in practice and in games which is what the Lions need.

Quarterback Situation

In March of 2021 the Lions traded Mathew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams and got Jared Goff in return. Since the trade Jared Goff has been a decent quarterback. Bringing in a player with Superbowl experience is great for the team.

Jared Goff knows what it takes for a team to make it to the Superbowl and the work that has to be put in to get there. This brings good leadership for the young team and allows Goff to continue to grow as a quarterback and lead others by example.

The Lions may not be the best team in the league for a fair amount of time, but that doesn’t mean they are taking steps in the right direction. The rise of the Detroit Lions is here, and we shall continue to see them grow as a team in the coming years.