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The Three Best NFL Matchups for Week 4

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With 15 games to choose from on Sunday and Monday, it can be hard to find the very best action of the NFL weekend. So we are here to help, telling you about the games and matchups that we’ll be talking about next week.

With the Dolphins’ loss to the Bengals on Thursday night, there is just one undefeated NFL team remaining – the Philadelphia Eagles. And if the first three weeks are anything to go by, they are the best NFL team right now. No one is winning as completely as the Eagles.

There are, however, some other great teams, and many other great parts of teams. And this week, there are some head-to-head matchups between those parts that are definitely worth a watch.

Lamar Jackson vs. Bills Defense

To be fair, we’re also very excited to see Josh Allen go up against the Ravens defense. But when it comes to matchups by the numbers, none is better than Lamar Jackson vs. the Bills defense.

According to the stat and wagering gurus at Cold, Hard Football Facts, Lamar Jackson ranks first overall in Real Quarterback Rating – a stat that better reflects the overall value of a quarterback than traditional passing stats.

Jackson is number one overall, but on the opposite end of the ledger – Defensive Real Quarterback Rating – the Bills defense is second. They also rank first in Defensive Passer Rating.

In Jackson’s three games he has 240 total yards and two touchdowns, 437 yards and four touchdowns, and 325 yards and five touchdowns. Against opposing quarterbacks, the Bills have allowed 240 yards and one touchdown, 109 yards and no touchdowns, and 171 yards and one touchdown.

Who wins this epic battle on Sunday?

Doug Pederson vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The aforementioned unbeaten Eagles face off this weekend against their old NFL coach, Doug Pederson, who brought them their one and only Super Bowl. Now he is in Jacksonville and has taken the talent with the Jags and turned them into a winner.

The Jaguars rank No. 1 in Cold, Hard Football Facts Quality Stats Power Rankings, and the Eagles rank No. 2. Trevor Lawrence ranks 5th in Real Quarterback Rating, and Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are second.

Pick the stat; these teams match up. And if we are projecting to the end of the NFL season, both seem like favorites to win their division and play in the postseason.

Jacksonville is playing meaningful football, the Eagles are the best team in the NFL, and if this game doesn’t get your excited, this isn’t the sport for you.

Patrick Mahomes vs. Buccaneers Defense

Say what? Tom Brady is playing Patrick Mahomes, and that’s not the best matchup of the game?

Well, no. The fact is that as good as Mahomes vs. Brady games have been over the previous four years, this game is about Mahomes vs. one of the best defenses in the league.

Tampa Bay has given up just 27 points in three games, and that includes games against Dak Prescott (who they dominated) and Aaron Rodgers (who they made look mortal). The 27 points allowed is tops in the NFL.

On the other side, Mahomes and the Chiefs entered Week 4 as the fourth highest scoring team in football, and they rank No. 1 in EPA per play.

Brady isn’t going to be just a bystander, but if he is going to win Sunday night, it’s because his defense came to play.

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