In every NFL season, there are multiple disappointments, and 2021 is no expectation. This happens when sportswriters, announcers, and fans put big expectations. Then the team/player does not perform up to par.

Some examples historically would be Peyton Manning in 2015, the Patroits in 2019, or any other time in NFL history where a player or team performed badly. Today we will look at my top 2 disappointments this season. They are Kansas City Cheifs’ offense and the Seattle Seahawks, the season is not over, so both could improve in the upcoming weeks.

The Denver Broncos would be on this list, but I already made an article about why they are a disappointment (and have been for the last five seasons). The 49ers have escaped with the recent winning streak. Now let’s get into the 2021 NFL season disappointments.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Offense

Patrick has not been bad this season or even mediocre, just not his usual self. He does have 25 touchdowns and probably finishes the season with 30 touchdowns. This is the first season where it looks like he has struggled.

Mahomes and Cheifs had a stretch where they played badly. Then they had a stretch where the offense did nothing and they won. However, there are three games that we will discuss. Those three games are the Packers, Cowboys, and the Giants.

The Giants was a Monday night game, and Mahomes was mediocre. The Chiefs struggled, but they did win, because of the talent. However, the Packers game is making me realize how lucky this team is.

The Bad

They did win that game, but the final score was 13-7. The Packers were without Aaron Rodgers, and the Chiefs still struggled. The Cowboys was another day when the Chiefs’ offense fall asleep.

The Chiefs are still 7-4, but the offense is not the reason. This offense has hot flashes, but there is something wrong and could be their downfall during the playoffs. We only tackled about three games, just look at the first half of Washington or the full game of Tennesse.

Seattle Seahawks

During the early 2010s, the Seahawks were a great team, and only missed one playoff after the year 2012. However, it’s looking like they will be in the basement for the remainder of the season. Since week 4 the Seahawks are 1-5.

That win was against the Jaguars, who are even worse than Seattle. Seattle did have that Russell Wilson injury, but even before that, they were not playing good football. However, they do have a good defense.

It’s not as good as the early 2010s but it’s something. This offense is terrible they don’t even average 20 points per game. Wilson has been decent when he plays, but a hurt hand has limited his play the last couple of weeks.

Also, the Seahawks have a ton of injuries, but even if they were healthy, I’m not convinced this would be a good football team. Seattle will want a offense line that can protect Wilson (if he doesn’t leave) or he will have more injuries.