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Tom Brady’s Next NFL Team

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Tom Brady doesn’t have George Blanda’s record for most seasons played. Where will he break that record? We make our guesses.

It sure seems like Tom Brady will close out his career with the Buccaneers this season. Of course, the ageless one has made no direct declarations, but considering the mountain of cash waiting for him as a broadcaster for Fox Sports, the writing is on the very expensive wall lined with Chanel paper.

But let’s suppose for a moment that just like every year of the last decade, when he’s come back while all of his contemporaries retire, that Brady decides he wants to play in 2023. Where might that be?

Probably not Tampa Bay. The roster is supremely talented in 2022. Last year, according to stats compiled by Cold, Hard Football Facts, the Bucs were third in Total Team Yards and second in Real Quarterback Rating. But there are cracks in the foundation, especially in the offensive line.

So let’s assume that like when his contract was up in New England, Brady uses this new chance at free agency to pick a new team.

South Beach Tom Brady

Following Tom Brady’s 11-day absence from Bucs camp, we now know that he spent the time with his family in the Bahamas. So instead of missing practice to hang out at the beach, just go play on one. And we also know now that Brady’s “retirement” from the Bucs this offseason was actually because he was flirting with the Dolphins about joining the team as a player/part owner.

The team itself ticks all the boxes. They have great wide receivers, stars on defense, and a weak link at quarterback. Last season Miami ranked 25th in the NFL in Cold, Hard Football Facts’ Real Quarterback Rating, which takes into account all aspects of quarterback play.

Even if Tom Brady does begin to decline (it will happen someday), Brady with Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill would be something to see.

Maybe Tua Tagovailoa is great this season and the Dolphins stop looking elsewhere. But maybe not.

Viva Tom Vegas

According to UFC guru Dana White, and confirmed by Rob Gronkowski, Brady and Gronk were all set to move to Las Vegas and become Raiders in 2020. Tom Brady is even alleged to have begun shopping for houses.

Instead Jon Gruden nixed the deal, and Brady and Gronk went to Tampa Bay. So you might say that Gruden is responsible for both of the Super Bowl wins for the Buccaneers.

Gruden is now gone, the Raiders have loaded up with weapons, and the one remaining wild card is the play of Derek Carr. If Carr and Davante Adams rekindle their college connection and Las Vegas can make a playoff run, they probably don’t look elsewhere at quarterback. But if Carr remains winless in the playoffs after this season, the guy with 35 playoff wins will look rather attractive.

The deal was nearly complete in 2020. Perhaps they will make another attempt at it in 2023.

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