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Top 3 Receiving Cores in the NFL

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Check out which are the top 5 receiving cores in the 2021 NFL season?

Whether or not people would like to admit it or not, today’s NFL is predicated on firepower especially when it comes to weapons on the outside. The old mentality of winning by the trenches sounds good in theory, however, it is prevalent to have pro-bowl type receivers/pass catchers on your team in order to make a deep run in the postseason. Last season was a perfect example of that. Below are my top 5 receiving cores heading into the 2021 NFL season:

1. NFL –  The “Tompa” Bay Buccaneers

The reigning super bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by quarterback Tom Brady, are a matchup nightmare for every defense they go against. 

Pro Bowl wide receiver Mike Evans was a man amongst boys this past season, especially in the red zone. Chris Godwin, a receiver that does not get nearly enough praise as he should, is another great opinion for Tom.

Not to mention the midseason acquisition of Antonio Brown, universally recognized as one of the greatest receivers in this generation. Brady found a way to push all the right buttons with him and get the best out of him when most thought his time in the NFL was done. 

Lastly, slot receiver, Scotty Miller, made some big plays for the team, while longtime tight end Rob Gronkowski joined the party to show some flashes of his old self in the playoffs last year.

This offense continues to be a headache for defensive coordinators, purely from a matchup standpoint. The amount of talent from a pass catching perspective is nearly impossible to replicate on defense. Nonetheless, defenses better figure out a way to at least contain them, or the Bucs may repeat as champions. 

2. NFL –  Kelce and “The Cheetah”

No surprise here, the runner-up from the super bowl last year, appears second on my list. It is no secret that Patrick Mahomes benefits from his array of weapons as Brady does. 

Tight end Travis Kelce in my mind is already in the running for a top-five tight end up all-time, early in his career. He is often matched up with linebackers/safeties that are not as big, strong, and fast as he is. His route running is unmatched and his strong hands and yards after the catch complement that exceptionally. 

To pair with Travis Kelce is one of the fastest humans I have ever seen. Known as “the cheetah”, Tyreke Hill is often found burning defenders and waving peace while making his way into the end zone. He is a big play waiting to happen and can instantly change the game all in one flash. Coordinators constantly have to game plan against him with off coverage and safety help over the top.

His counterpart Mecole Hardman is also an exceptionally fast receiver in his own right. I suspect these three weapons for the Chiefs to take their game to the next level this upcoming season.

3. NFL –  Juilo and AJ

With the recent offseason acquisition of star pro-bowl receiver Julio Jones, it is hard to argue that the Titans do not belong on this list. Jones the past few seasons has struggled with injuries but is still recognized as one of the best receivers in football. He is a man amongst boys with pure strength and athleticism on the football field. 

Similarly, his counterpart AJ Brown also has those attributes. His strength and speed for someone that size is unmatched. I do not remember a time in all of the football where there were two receivers on the same team that are as physically gifted as Jones and Brown are. 

These star receivers are going to enhance the play of starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill, which should take Tennessee to new heights this season. Therefore, the Titans must enter the conversation as one of the favorites to represent the AFC this upcoming Super Bowl. It is going to be a scary thing to watch this season.

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