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Top 5 Predictions for Super Bowl MVP

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The super bowl is one of the most significant sports stages of all time and continues to obtain millions of watchers across America every year. One of the highest awards in the league is the super bowl MVP, the player that performed best on the biggest stage of them all.

Obviously, one of the first qualifications for this award is being on a team that is a super bowl contender, along with being an all-star player on the team that puts up exceptional numbers that translate to wins. Although these players are extremely talented, they may not always be the best player on their respective teams.

Joe Burrow

After the 2022 super bowl, where the Cincinnati Bengals would lose to the Los Angeles Rams, Bengals have shown promise of making it back to the super bowl. The man leading the way is quarterback Joe Burrow. Burrow’s passing ability is second to none, and showed this off while being matched up against Patrick Mahomes early in the 2022 playoffs.

Now with the playoff experience and an off-season of training, Joe Burrow has what it takes to be the best player on the field on the biggest stage.

Josh Allen

In the 2022 playoffs, the Buffalo Bills took a crushing loss against the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime. This was even more motivation for the Bills and Josh Allen, who have been dominating the league since. Allen has already thrown for 2,000 yards in the 2022-2023 season.

If the Bills and Josh Allen continue on the path there, fans will soon be looking at the Lombardi trophy in Buffalo and Allen with a finals MVP trophy.

Cooper Kupp

Coming off a super bowl victory and a finals MVP, Cooper Kupp has the perfect opportunity to go back-to-back. Considered to be one of, if not the best wide receivers in the NFL, Kupp put up monster numbers in the 2022 super bowl running for 92 yards with 8 catches and 2 touchdowns.

If the Los Angeles Rams are able to get back to being a real super bowl champion contender by the end of the season, then Cooper Kupp will surely go back-to-back.

Patrick Mahomes

In the 2022 off-season, the Kansas City Chiefs would lose Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins. The media and many fans questioned if the offense would still run at an elite level. Patrick Mahomes has silenced those questions by putting on a show in the league.

After a rocky start in a loss against the Chargers, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs look as dangerous as ever.

Lamar Jackson

The drama surrounding the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson left people wondering if the Ravens as a team would be good this year. Pushing aside what had happened, Lamar Jackson has played at an MVP level surrounded by a solid team. The Ravens now stand first in the AFC north.

Although the AFC is extremely competitive, the Ravens and Lamar Jackson have a perfect chance to make it to the super bowl where Jackson would have his moment to dominate.

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