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Top 5 Teams that Should Call the Falcons About Julio Jones

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After 10 years, Julio Jones wants out of Atlanta Falcons. But where will he go? Which teams are interested to acquire Julio?

One of the most highly respected players around the NFL, Julio Jones, wants out of Atlanta, his home for the first ten years of his career. This news surfaced earlier last week when Shannon Sharpe called Julio on an early morning segment of the popular talk show, ‘Undisputed,’ and asked the wide receiver of his future plans.

With a few months, until the opening kickoff begins the 2021-22 NFL season, the question on everybody’s minds is where will the veteran receiver end up? Below, I will be sharing with you the teams that have interest in Julio along with any teams that should show interest in acquiring one of the most efficient players around the league.

Potential Teams to Aquire Julio Jones


Most recently, the Seahawks have emerged as a potential landing location for the highly valuable Jones. Dianna Russini at ESPN reports, “The Seahawks have had discussions about a possible trade with Atlanta. In fact, QB Russell Wilson & Julio Jones have spoken to discuss the possibility of playing together.”

This is key information because it was reported earlier in the year that Wilson wanted out of Seattle and was extremely unhappy there. Now, it looks like Russell is destined to stay, and may even be happy doing it if the Seahawks make moves to help him out. Perhaps, that’s getting a big name in the game like Julio Jones.

Acquiring Jones would provide the boost in their roster that the Seahawks need. Already strong at their receiver core with stars DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, Jones would fit right in as a threat with the deep ball and short passes for easy yards. 

The Seahawks are always a challenge for their opponents. Imagine adding one more elite weapon into Russell Wilson’s offense and witnessing the things he could do. They would be unstoppable.


The 49ers have a young, talented three-headed monster of pass-catching options with star tight-end George Kittle, and receivers Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel. Why wouldn’t you add a future hall-of-fame to the team?

If the 49ers acquired Jones it would eliminate all possibility of having to face him on any other team, but specifically their division rivals, the Seahawks who would have two monster threats with Metcalf and Jones.

San Francisco also has something that no other NFL team is able to offer: Kyle Shanahan. Once upon a time, the 49ers head coach was the Falcons offensive coordinator in 2015, when Julio led the NFL in receptions, yards, and yards per game. The two have an immediate connection having played with each other in the past. Jones is familiar with the way Shanahan’s offense operates making it a top candidate team to acquire Julio.


If we’re talking about a team that’s in need of pure, raw talent then it’s probably the Tennessee Titans. The team that brought terror into their opponents’ eyes each week is no longer the same type of threat they once were. In the offseason, the Titans lost a big target in wide receiver Corey Davis to the Jets along with Jonnu Smith who joined the Patriots in New England.

Other than skilled receiver A.J. Brown, there isn’t much room for Tannehill to maneuver. 

Let’s make things clear, any team carrying Derrick Henry makes that team a threat. Now, combine a dominant run game with an elite passing option, and your chances double of being successful. Acquiring a valuable asset like Jones will certainly make up for the Titans‘ losses of Davis and Smith.


Although the Patriots lost their future Hall of Fame quarterback a year ago, they still have portrayed a successful brand surrounding their organization. The success along with key contributor and head coach, Bill Belichick made it a likable destination for players wanting to leave their current team.

It seems almost every season that the Patriots are making moves in the offseason. They have certainly boosted their offense by acquiring Kendrick Bourne, Nelson Agholor, Jonnu Smith, and Hunter Henry, but none can even compare to the talent Jones is able to put on display consistently. 

Adding a weapon like Jones would complete the Patriots‘ offseason mission of returning to the team they once were. One threat is good, but it’s simply not enough to win a Super Bowl. Jones is the type of player that will take you there.


Any common NFL fan is aware of the fact that playing defense against the Baltimore Ravens is not an easy task by any means. Each time Lamar Jackson drops back in the pocket the defender is threatened with his ability to launch the ball by you or beat you with his feet.

Imagine next season that part stayed the same, only it’s become more challenging now with Julio Jones on the same field playing for the same team. How do you guard that? Well, you don’t.

The Ravens have valuable assets in tight-end Mark Andrews and young receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. Julio would fit in as the true #1 receiver in Baltimore, as he would anywhere else he winds up. The Ravens are constantly referred to as a contender to win the Super Bowl, but with Jones on their roster, it almost seems that is inevitable to happen.   

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