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Top Quarterbacks in the NFL

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With the NFL season starting up again the debates for who is the best quarterback in the league starts up. With so many big names in the league it’s hard to pin down one to who is simply the best.

Although most fans will rank the top NFL quarterback or name the best, this list will comprise of the top quarterbacks in the league in no specific order. Every name listed here will be the most elite NFL quarterback who excels in every category of the game.
Tom Brady

Obviously, to start off this list, we have to have one man that is considered to be the best quarterback of all time, Tom Brady himself. Brady has dominated the league for over a decade and hasn’t dramatically fallen off yet.

Last NFL season Brady threw for over 5,000 passing yards and 43 touchdowns, cementing himself once again as a top NFL quarterback in the league. After deciding not to retire during the off-season, we get another season to see Tom Brady dominate the league.

Josh Allen

Josh Allen has shown many times over the past years that he is a dominant quarterback that can make defenses look silly. A pass-dominant team like the Bill is perfect for a quarterback like Allen, who makes a forty-yard pass look easy.

One of the best offensive lines in the league should make it easy for Josh Allen to dominate once again. Last year Allen racked up 4,407 passing yards and 36 touchdowns on the season while completing 409 out of 646 of the passes.

Going into his sixth year in the league, Allen only has room and time to improve. After last year’s tough loss in the playoffs, we should see a determined Allen during this season.

Justin Herbert

After only two years in the league, Justin Herbert brought a team that was considered one of the worst teams in the league to a playoff-level team. With his electric passing ability with a sub-par receiver core Herbert is able to put the ball into receivers’ hands with ease.

Last season the Chargers barely missed the playoffs after a loss to the Las Vegas Raiders in the last game of the year. The team has only put better pieces around Herbert to allow him to dominate and expand on his 5,014 passing yards and 38 touchdowns on the year.

Patrick Mahomes

As most NFL fans know, Patrick Mahomes makes passes that are simply not possible. After two super bowls in the past three years, Mahomes has been leading the Chiefs to being the best team in the league. In the off-season the Chiefs lost their number one receiver Tyreek Hill to Miami.

With the lost Hill, some fans think this might hurt Mahomes play. This is not the case as we’ve seen before that the ability Mahomes has to put the ball into the receivers hands is phenomenal. As a pass-heavy and fast pace offense losing Hill shouldn’t slow down Mahomes at all.

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