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Top Wide Receivers in the NFL

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In the past years the NFL has shifted to a pass heavy league compared to the emphasis on running backs and full backs. With the league turning this way the league has seen an increase in elite level wide receivers.

The wide receivers’ position in the NFL has quickly risen to one of the most important positions in the league at the moment. A team’s wide receiver core can make or break an offense. Even with one of the best quarterbacks in the league, if the team does not have any solid wide receiver options, then it’s hard to be a top-level offense.

In contrast, an elite wide receiver can be on a team with an average quarterback. These receivers are top of their game and can make any safety or cornerback look almost foolish in their attempts to shut down the receivers.

Justin Jefferson

Questionably the best wide receiver in the league right now, number eighteen Justin Jefferson plays for the Minnesota Vikings. Although the Vikings haven’t been the best team in recent years, Jefferson has truly dominated as a receiver.

Many receivers in the league at the moment excel at one part of the position; for example Tyreek Hill is considerably faster than most players in the league. What sets Jefferson apart from all other receivers is that it’s hard to find a weakness in his game.

Jefferson has phenomenal route running, speeds, and hands; last season he racked up 1616 yards on 108 receptions. Averaging 15 yards a catch and scoring 10 ten touchdowns throughout the season. These stats alone show that Jefferson is one of the best and most elite wide receivers in the league.

Cooper Kupp

Coming into the league in 2017 after being drafted by the Los Angeles Rams, Cooper Kupp had some good years as a solid receiver for the Rams. This changed in 2021 when Mathew Stafford was traded to the Rams and immediately had a strong connection on the field with Kupp.

This was also Kupp’s breakout year as a wide receiver and boy was this a breakout year. Racking up almost 2,000 yards and 16 touchdowns on the season, Kupp would end the season holding the Lombardi trophy and was named the M.V.P of the super bowl.
Kupp is one of if not the most aggressive and skilled route runners in the league. Kupp is able to shake off defenders on both long and short routes. As he continues to dominate the league we sure have not seen the last of what Cooper Kupp can do.

Davante Adams

Davante Adams is in the talks of being the best wide receiver in the league every year. His dominant ability to force his way through defenders no matter the size or number. Adams for the majority of his career played for the Green Bay Packers but was recently traded to the Las Vegas Raiders.

After joining Derek Carr and the Raiders people questioned if Adams would still be as dominant as he used to be. Although Carr is not to the level of Aaron Rodgers, Adams has still been able to dominate the league as we saw from the week 1 game.

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