The owner of the Washington NFL team, Daniel Snyder, filed a lawsuit accusing an online media company of accepting compensation to publish defamatory rumors about the organization.

The list of alleged rumors includes Snyder being named on a list of sexual offenders obtained by Jeffrey Epstein.

The lawsuit was filed in New Delhi, as well as in federal court papers in California. Snyder claims Media Entertainment Arts Worldwide, a news site based in India, published false stories.

Snyder has accused Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide of purposely designing and publishing stories they knew were false. He claims they used unreliable sources from anonymous posts on social sites, including Reddit.

Snyder is seeking $10 million in damages. According to his lawyer, Rizwan A. Qureshi, Snyder is hoping to identify if and who paid Media Entertainment WorldWide to publish said articles.

His lawyer clarified in a statement that although Snyder understands the responsibility of owning a high-profile team, malicious criminal allegations are beyond what one would expect when forgoing a job. According to his lawyer, Snyder intends to win the lawsuit and donate any proceeds to charity.

Media Entertainment WorldWide Denies Purposeful Defamation

A founder of Media Entertainment WorldWide, Nirnay Chowdhary, said they have deciphered that an error was made in the stories pertaining to Snyder. They claimed the company would be launching an internal investigation.

Although Snyder’s lawsuit claims otherwise, Chowdhary said publicly that his company does not accept money as compensation for articles. Chowdhary also claims his employees have been “harassed” to reveal who paid them and threatening to file their own lawsuits against the company. He emphasizes that although the public is essentially begging him to come clean, there is nothing to reveal. Snyder goes on offensive

The published articles have since been removed from Media Entertainment WorldWide’s website. These stories suggested that Snyder was an accomplice in sex trafficking. Some claims also stated that the team’s minority owners were blaming inappropriate behavior for wanting him out.

The articles were published in mid-July and then shared across high-profile platforms on social media. These posts appeared within the same time frame as to when executives of the Washington Football Team were accused of sexual misconduct by fifteen women. Those allegations claim these women suffered sexual harassment and abusive behavior by team executives and football personnel for over a decade.

This lawsuit comes at a significantly trying time for the Washington Football Team, as they have undoubtedly faced the brunt of “hate” over the summer season. The lack of sports during the coronavirus didn’t help their cause.

Their Response Came Too Late

After establishing their brand and playing to represent their team name for several decades, Snyder announced the team would drop its logo and name “Redskins”. Many consider this to be a racial slur directed toward Native Americans.

It was not until the team received pressure from their sponsors and other key stakeholders when they decided to change their name. This has caused a lot of controversy, considering one’s actions when the spotlight is on them only highlights what they did when their name was behind the curtain.

Snyder also decided to remove any mention of the Washington Football Team’s founding owner, George Preston Marshall. Not only was he known as the individual who named the franchise, but he was also the last team owner in the entire league to hire Black athletes.

Snyder has sued other media companies in the past, including the Washington City Paper. With a “boy who cried wolf” reputation, it can be challenging to take Snyder’s claims at face value. With other facts and counterpoints coming to light, it is only right to evaluate both sides.


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