On Monday, the Washington NFL franchise announced they will no longer by the name they have had for 87 years. They will also be changing their logo after continued social pressure by key stakeholders and the public. Now fans are wondering what’s to come for the team.

The team has yet to report any name or logo replacement ideas, nor any official decisions. Coach Ron Rivera hopes to have the matter settled before training camp begins at the end of the month, but it is unknown when the new team name and logo will be revealed. With social media running amok and potential name suggestions being made by sports experts and fans, there are a few top contenders.

What can we expect for the future of the Washington team?

Much of the recent discussions amongst experts and fans alike include suggesting names involving “Red.” This is likely to stay on-brand with what the franchise has built for over 87 years.

“Red Wolves” and “Red Tails” are among the top-rated suggestions. These names would allow the team to continue to use its “HTTR” slogan, which previously stood for “Hail to the Redskins.”

It would be best for marketing purposes and brand loyalty to stick to a similar name. Coach Ron Rivera claimed he hopes the new name honors members of the military. The name “Red Tails” would do just that as it honors Tuskegee Airmen.

Daniel Snyder, the team’s owner, has also shown interest in “Warriors” being included in the name. In 2003, he purchased an expansion franchise that never played, but planned on calling that team the Washington Warriors.

How have the team’s former and current players reacted?

Since the announcement on Monday, only a handful of players have reacted publicly to the news. Defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, former cornerback Fred Smoot, and former linebacker Will Compton have publicly expressed support for “Red Wolves” as a possible name change.

Smoot has been avid in speaking up, claiming it is crucial for the team to be able to keep traditional slogans like “HTTR”. Having a name that includes “Red” would also allow the team to keep their signature colors and utilize their brand change to evolve their uniforms.

Dwayne Haskins, the team’s quarterback, expressed interest in “Red Tails” earlier in the process. Former player, Doc Walker, suggested using the name “Warriors” would be a great reference to the team’s earlier days and their logo of an arrow.

What are oddsmakers saying?

On Tuesday, the top name choice was “Red Tails.”

When should we expect the official announcement?

The Washington team has yet to disclose any information on when they will make the official name change. Beyond Coach Rivera’s preference to have it solidified by the start of training camp, the team has yet to comment. Until the official switch is made, the team will still go by “Redskins.”

There is a lot to do before the new name can be established. This includes trademarking, creating new merchandise, promotional materials, and more.

Changing the name of an entire franchise is not an easy feat. It will be interesting to see if the name switch affects the team positively or negatively off the field.


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