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Where Will Deebo Samuel Play in 2022?

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Deebo Samuel has been the biggest name in the latest NFL trade rumors. Read to find out where he’ll be suiting up in 2022.

In an offseason that’s proven the receiver to be a do-or-die position for many NFL franchises, the 49ers’ Deebo Samuel is now the wideout at the center of the latest trade rumors. Samuel has recently expressed serious dissatisfaction with San Francisco and is looking for a new home.

Samuel is an elite wideout in the prime of his career at age 26. He was a Pro-Bowler and All-Pro last season, and several teams are currently in a race to land him from the Niners.

With his days as a Niner on their final legs, here are the three most likely squads to land Samuel.

New York Jets 

The Jets are in the market for a receiver and the addition of Samuel could be just what the doctor ordered for this beleaguered franchise.

Anyone who follows the NFL knows that for Jets fans, there hasn’t been a whole lot to be excited about in terms of on-field performance since 2015. The team has gone just 27-70 since the start of the 2016 season and have been the league’s laughing stock yet again.

Despite a 4-13 record under first year Head Coach Robert Saleh last season; there were some glimmers of hope. Rookie receiver Elijah Moore shined, racking up 538 yards, 5 touchdowns and 43 receptions in just 11 games, only 6 of which he started. 

There’s also still reason to be optimistic about Zach Wilson who will be entering his second season as the Jets’ man under center. 

As Samuel’s time with the Niners comes to an inevitable close, the Jets have been one of the frontrunners to land the receiver. Samuel seems as though he’d be an excellent fit in New York as he looks for more money as well as a spotlight role with a new team.

The difference-maker for this deal getting done will be the Jets’ willingness to cough up the money. Samuel is a proven talent on the gridiron and New York’s offense would see a significant improvement by his added presence alone.

Green Bay Packers 

After trading away a top five receiver in Davante Adams, the Packers are in the market for a new wideout. This is a fan base who’ve grown increasingly frustrated with their team’s inability to make it back to the Big Game and the offense has been the largest part of that.

After long speculation, quarterback Aaron Rodgers signed a four year, $200 million contract, guaranteeing he’ll end his career as a Packer. Now that Adams is gone, Rodgers will need a new established #1 target to throw to.

This is where Samuel could fit in perfectly. He’s one of the quickest receivers in the game and has an arsenal of ways that he can attack on offense. 

The Packers are undoubtedly the best team in their division with very little competition behind them, but sending away Adams does not bode well for this offense moving into 2022. The addition of Samuel to Green Bay would be a charge into the team’s roster as well as give Rodgers a great weapon at receiver moving forward.

Green Bay just spent a ton of money to retain Rodgers, so that may hinder their ability to trade for Samuel and sign him to a big contract. Other than that, this seems like it’d be an excellent fit for both parties.

Kansas City Chiefs 

The Chiefs are in a very similar predicament to the Packers. They recently traded away arguably the best receiver in the NFL in Tyreek Hill, leaving their MVP quarterback, Patrick Mahomes with less confident options at wideout.

They signed JuJu Smith-Schuster, but other than that, this team does not appear to be the offensive force it had been the past few seasons. This is where a trade for Samuel would come in handy for KC.

Even without Hill, there’s too much talent on this Chiefs team for them not to get back to the Super Bowl. Samuel’s speed and toughness on the field would be an excellent and necessary addition to Head Coach Andy Reid’s arsenal on offense.

With the rest of the AFC West bolstering their squads, the Chiefs need to make a big move and Samuel presents the perfect opportunity to do so.


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