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Why the Bears should Shut Down Justin Fields

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Justin Fields is clearly the franchise quarterback the Chicago Bears have been desperately trying to find for years now. Read below why it’s time for them to shut him down for the remainder of the season.

Justin Fields returned to the Bears starting lineup last Sunday against the Packers. Despite the losing effort, Fields completed 20 of 25 passes and threw for 254 yards in the air. He also managed to pick up 71 yards on the ground and rush for one touchdown. He’s proved so far this season that he is the true franchise quarterback the Bears’ organization and fans have been searching for ages. Fields have shown he can lead the offense in both the aerial and ground attack, which is the reason why he should be shut down for the remaining four games of the season.

There is just no reason to risk his health being compromised, especially after suffering a separated shoulder in his non-throwing arm in Week 11 against the Falcons. Plus, Bears fans certainly can’t complain about losing, as it will only increase their draft position for this April and will allow for them to further build around Fields.

Fields has Proven He’s the Guy for the Job

Through his 12 games played this season, Justin Fields has thrown for just under 1900 yards and has 13 passing touchdowns. On the ground, he has over 900 yards and has rushed for 8 TDs this year. Although there are still harsh critics of his game that are out there, Fields has passed both the eye test and the statistical one. He has also shown that he can learn from his own mistakes and has continued to make improvements each time he steps on the field. The Bears need to start thinking more about the future of the team instead of trying to win games which are now meaningless to them, since they have mathematically been eliminated from playoff contention. Plus, the Bears need to start thinking about their draft position for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Losing Games Certainly Can’t Hurt Them

Heading into their Week 14 bye, the Bears currently have a 3-10 record and are at the bottom of the NFC standings. That’s good enough to give them the number 2 draft spot come this April, if the season were to end today. Acquiring a top-3 draft pick would be massive, and would allow for them to find a top prospect to suit their many needs outside of the quarterback position. The Bears have a difficult remaining schedule, with teams like the Eagles and Bills still on their plate, so even if Fields were to be in it’s likely that the outcome would be a loss regardless of if he’s in uniform or not. Although it will be disappointing for the team and fans, it’s time for the Bears coaching staff and front office to do what’s right: sit Fields for the remainder of their last four games of the season.

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