Wild NFL Rule Change: Everyone gets excited when a game goes into overtime, knowing that there is going to be more football to watch. Over the last 10 years, there have been different rule changes for a winner to be decided.

One of the biggest rule changes was back in March 2012, when both teams would be able to have possession of the ball, unless the first team scores a touchdown. Then in 2017, the NFL shortened the overtime from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. What new rule could be placed now to make a different type of overtime.

When you look at overtime games last year, only 10 of the 256 games played went into overtime. So if the NFL wants to make a big impact and a big change, then overtime might be the place to make that move. There is one team right now trying to do that with their proposals that they have placed for the NFL owners.

The Baltimore Ravens have an idea and are trying to place a new concept into the overtime rule of the NFL. The Ravens are proposing two different ways that the overtime can be played. The first option that they are laying on the table for NFL owners is the “Spot-and-Choose” concept. The second option is the 7 and a half minute overtime. Here are the two proposals a little closer.

The “Spot-and-Choose” proposal would bring a new dramatic change to the overtime rule. It would change it from the current format back to a sudden death format.

When Team 1 and Team 2 get into the Overtime, a coin would be flipped. If Team 1 won the coin toss, they would have the opportunity to be able to pick where the ball will be placed to start the drive.

For example, if Team 1 picks to place the ball on the 20 yard line (80 yards from the end zone) then Team 2 would be able to choose if they wanted to play offense or defense. The time limit would stay at the 10 minutes for the overtime, but first team scores wins the game.

If no one scores then the game would end in a tie. Now let’s say that Team 1 starts with the ball at their own 20 yard line, goes three-and-out, Team 2 will then get the ball in perfect field position. This would be great for Team 2 because then they could be able to just kick a field goal and win the game.

Looking at this proposal, it shows that you would have the greatest advantage from winning the coin toss. This proposal would put a lot more excitement into the overtime scenarios and take overtime to a new level.

With the 7 Minute, 30 Second Overtime, the concept would stay the same that both teams would get the ball. There is a difference though, there would be no winner until after the 7 Minutes and 30 Seconds is over. This would just be like another quarter of football, except that if it ends in a tie, then the game will end in a tie.

Now if one team has more points after the 7 Minutes and 30 Seconds then that team would win. So is there a chance that both teams would get the ball, yes it is very likely, but there is also that small chance that only one team could have the ball for the whole 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

The NFL is giving a lot of thought on how to change the overtime rules, but there is one task that still needs to take place. When the NFL owners meet on March 30-31, these rule proposals will be placed in front of them. 24 of the 31 owners have to agree to one of these rule changes for it to be put into effect.

There is a catch though, if the owners can’t decide to like the new rule or not, then it will be moved to the owners meeting in May.