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Zach Wilson Expected To Be Out for Two to Four Weeks

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New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has been disappointing this season, and I don’t really think anybody is going to challenge me on that.

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has been disappointing this season, and I don’t really think anybody is going to challenge me on that. But it’s concerning when your starting quarterback gets hurt, especially when it’s a knee injury.


In Sunday’s 54-13 blowout loss to Mac Jones and the New England Patriots, Wilson limped painfully to the Gillette Stadium locker rooms and was unable to keep playing after a knee injury in the second quarter. The Jets’ backup quarterback, Mike White, made his NFL debut in this game when he took over for Jones.

After the game, Jets head coach Robert Saleh talked a little bit about Wilson’s condition, and he didn’t really sound overly concerned. “Initially we feel good,” Saleh said, “But you never know.”

However, maybe Saleh was being a little bit too optimistic. Wilson was more serious about the injury, saying in a postgame conference that he “felt a pop” and his knee felt “loose.” This is not a good sign at all for Wilson.

On Monday morning, an MRI revealed that Wilson sustained a Grade 2 sprain to his posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. He is expected to miss two to four weeks with this injury. According to Wilson and Jets medical personnel, this is good news.

Reserve List or Not

However, now the Jets have to make a difficult decision. Should they place Wilson on injured reserve or not? If they do, they will have to keep him on the bench for a minimum of three games.

“Thankfully, it’s not a serious injury,” Saleh said on Monday. He also said they will know by the end of the week whether it’s a two-week injury or a four-week injury, noting there’s a “possibility” that Wilson might be able to play Nov. 14 against the Buffalo Bills.

“Thankfully, it’s not a serious injury,” Saleh said. He also said that he doesn’t see Wilson taking a couple weeks to recover as an inherently bad thing at all. “I don’t think it’s a setback. I think it’s always good to be able to step away and watch the offense through the lens of another quarterback.”

The Jets’ backup quarterback, Mike White, is slated to start in Sunday’s upcoming game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He made his NFL debut last week when he took the field when Jones was helped off the field with his knee injury. Earlier on Monday, the Jets made an unexpected but not unnecessary move; they traded for Joe Flacco with the Philadelphia Eagles. Flacco isn’t exactly new to the Jets’ team, he was actually their backup quarterback last season and played four losing games when Sam Darnold was injured.

Before his injury on Sunday, Wilson completed 6 for 10 pass attempts for 51 yards total. Even though Wilson has been less-than dominant this season, his injury is definitely concerning for Jets fans and coaches. Hopefully, during these next few weeks, as Wilson recovers, he will be able to watch how a different quarterback operates and learn how to improve upon his own skills and play better once he fully recovers.

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