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David Perron Hopes to Return to the Blues

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David Perron could become an unrestricted free agent during the summer. He just finished a four-year contract with the St Louis Blues. Should he become an unrestricted free agent, it is likely he could become the most sought after player in the market.

Currently, the Blues have defenseman Nick Leddy, forward Tyler Bozak and goalie Ville Husso without contracts for next season. When David Perron was  asked by reporters recently if it was his wish to return to the Blues, he stated,

“I’d love to be back,” he said. “That desire has been there for me last year, during the year, and right now.My kids are in school right now, they love the city, just like we do and I do,” It’s something to be playing with (O’Reilly) and this whole group, I’d love to keep it going. I feel like I’ve built myself as a [good] hockey player over the years and I want to keep this going, for sure. I found a way to play the game right now where I feel like I can be consistent every night, have an impact on the game and be a positive for the team.”

David Perron Stats

During the season, David Perron had 57 points with 27 goals and 30 assists and in the playoffs he added nine goals for 13 points along with four power-play goals.

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Fans will be watching as free agency opens July 13.

David Perron Career

David Perron was drafted in the first round by the Blues in the 2007 NHL draft and has played 11 years in St Louis out of his 15 year career. He also played for the Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Anaheim Ducks and the Vegas Knights.




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