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Lightning vs Canadiens Game 4 Pick and Preview

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Are you a big fan of the NHL? If you are, then Stanley Cup is a massive interest, which is why you need to check out our comprehensive Lightning vs Canadiens game 4 pick!

Game four of the Stanley Cup Final will take place tonight at 8 p.m. EST. The Lightning are looking for the sweep, as they head into this matchup leading over the Canadiens 3-0. Although Montreal seemed to be having a magical season as the underdogs who made it to the final, they are poised to be stopped by the Lightning tonight.

Here’s a closer look at Lightning vs Canadiens Game 4 pick and predictions!

The Series

Game one set the tone for the series, with the Lightning dominating the ice in an authoritative 5-1 fashion. Nikita Kucherov and Brayden Point were the offensive stars of the game, with Kucherov registering two goals and an assist and Point adding on three assists for the Lightning. The only Canadien that was able to best Andrei Vasilevskiy was Ben Chiarot. A sweep seemed inevitable after watching the offensive power the Lightning displayed.

Although game two was lower scoring, the Lightning still secured the dominating 3-1 win. Each team had players who were quiet in the first game step up and show that it’s not only the stars who are talented on these teams. The Lightning once again proved they have incredible offensive power and a goalie and defense who are rock solid.

The crucial point for the Canadiens was game three on Friday. Although they put up a fight with goals from Phillip Danault, Corey Perry and Nick Suzuki they were no match for the seemingly unbeatable Lightning. Tampa Bay doubled the Canadiens goal count with six to put them one step closer to the cup. With this loss, the Canadiens will have to pull off a miraculous comeback if they are to become champions this year.

Game Four Preview

I don’t believe the Canadiens have it in them to pull off four consecutive victories against the Lightning, let alone one tonight. The Lightning have proven they have all the necessary keys to clinch the cup this year and become back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions.

Still, the Canadiens should not be counted out for this game. They are definitely feeling deflated at this point in the series, but they are not going to give up. Montreal will still put up a fight and will likely secure a goal or two. However, because they are feeling the pressure of a sweep, the Lightning should be able to break up the defense enough for a high-scoring win.

Because this is such a huge game for both teams, the stars from both sides of the ice will likely put on a show. For the Lightning, I expect at least one goal from Kucherov, who has had three in this series. If the Canadiens get one past Vasilevskiy, which I think they will as they have not granted him a shutout yet during this series, Suzuki will likely be the one to make it on the board.

Lightning vs Canadiens Game 4 Pick | Tampa Bay Lightning

It’s going to be a sweep and the Lightning will become back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions. The last team to perform this feat were the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2016 and 2017. The Lightning have a veteran cup team, with Steven Stamkos, Kucherov, Point, etc. all still skating for this force of a team. Goaltender Vasilevskiy is experienced in facing up against all of the top-tiered teams and has shown he does not fold under pressure. Although, as stated, I don’t believe Vasilevskiy will get a shutout, but he will keep the Canadiens at bay enough for the Lightning’s offense to explode.

The Lightning are the stars of the NHL. They have shown over the last two years that they are the best team in the league and are unbeatable in Stanley Cup series play. They deserve the cup with their fiery offense and unbreakable defense. When they lift the cup, it will be a shock to no one and a perfect end to their incredible season.

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