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Why Mike Grier Will Bring the Sharks to the Playoffs

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With new GM Mike Grier, the San Jose Sharks have a clouded future. Tommy Burch believes that the future is playoff-bound, and he explains why.

The San Jose Sharks have found their new general manager for the future. Former player and first Black general manager in NHL History, Mike Grier has a long road ahead of him with this San Jose team.

This San Jose team was disappointing on offense and settled in mediocrity on defense. Overall, their season was not very good, and their 32-37 record left them closer to the bottom of their division. However, there is significant room for improvement, and I believe Mike Grier can bring them to the promised land.

Looking Back

Although the team wasn’t great on paper, we also have to take into account their lack of experience. Actually, this team is the 6th youngest in the NHL, with most of their young counterparts performing worse than them.

In fact, the team’s leading scorer last season was 25-year-old Timo Meier, who also happened to lead the team in plus/minus. Other than that, their offensive play was nothing special, finishing very low in the league rankings for goals scored.

The next problem was their goalie situation. Over the course of last season, 5 different goalies started a game, with 3 of them starting more than 10. Finding consistency in the net is important to the team’s success, and that may benefit a team who didn’t play terribly on defense last season.

Moving Forward

The most important pieces for this Sharks team are staying healthy, staying consistent in goal, and drafting well. With the 11th pick in the NHL draft, the Sharks are more than capable of finding themselves a player for the future.

James Reimer is a good starting goalie. He can lead this team to success, as long as he starts more than half the games during the season. Adin Hill is a great backup, especially as a young player that may take the mantle in the future.

With the 11th pick, I’m hoping that they have the opportunity to select Jimmy Snuggerud. A RW whose father played in the league as well, he has an incr edible shot and may be a future force for the Sharks’ offense. He would succeed in San Jose due to their lack of scoring ability, and having a quick release and powerful shot would suit the team well at the position.

Lastly, I believe the best way for Mike Grier to find team success is to get hands-on. A former NHL player of 14 years and former Sharks’ Alternate Captain, getting on the ice and building a welcome environment for the players would be beneficial.

Grier’s family has a history of professional sports, with his older brother managing the Miami Dolphins and his father being an NFL coach and scout. He’s young, his family has worked in the field, and he played for this franchise. I have high hopes for San Jose.

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