That right. The NHL schedule 2021 will likely see the Canadian Division. The hockey owners all thought the COVID-19 pandemic would be over and gone by now. Since it isn’t, teams are not likely to be allowed to cross the border, in either direction, from Canada to the United States. Therefore,look for all NHL teams in Canada to play each other only.

NHL Schedule Discussion

Bill Foley, owner of the Vegas Golden Knights made a statement to the press and kind of alluded to this happening. How would that work? The idea of a bubble is no anticipated to be used in 2021. Players will be allowed to be part of society but under some NHL guidelines. The newest rumor has the NHL putting together a 48-56 game schedule. One issue for the schedulers is that Olympic games are in July so they hope to be done by then.

There are seven teams north of the border in Canada and if they play the other teams 8 times that is 48 games. Extrapolating that out to nine games against the other teams in the Canadian Division puts together and 56 contests. Either on works. Attendance is a must if teams are to make money. They need at least 50% capacity for a close call with a profit.

Foley said:

“There’s so much unknown. We don’t know when we’re going to play, if we’re going to play. I know the commissioner is dedicated to having a season and awarding the Stanley Cup, but we can’t play in bubbles. It’s impossible. We can’t afford it…
“If we aren’t playing in front of fans, I don’t know how a lot of teams can make it, including us. We’re going to have to make a serious financial commitment to fund the team without playing in front of fans.I believe Gary Bettman is not going to be having us fly all around and play in empty arenas. It’s going to be another plan.”

NHL Schedule and Divisions


NHL Schedule Now for the other teams. Look for 3 divisions. The Metropolitan Division has NO Canadian teams but the Pacific Division is home to three teams (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver), the Central Division has one team (Winnipeg) and the Atlantic Division has three teams from Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa). Now we have unbalanced divisions and that will require some teams to moved to another division for the upcoming year. Like Colorado going to the Pacific Division and Philadelphia becoming part of the Atlantic.

If the NHL 2021 wants to be successful they are going to need to begin play near January 1st and have the Stanley Cup wrapped up by June 30th to prepare for the Olympics.


Now matter what happens, it is a mess and several complaints will be made.


How to Bet on Hockey?


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