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Ranking The Best Goalies In the NHL

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Goalie play has been fantastic this season. Click here to read who I think are the top goalies in the NHL today.

Goaltending took a step back as scoring soared to new heights in the NHL in 2022. This year, however, a few goalies have bounced back in tremendous fashion. Read on for a ranking of the best goalies in the NHL this year.

#1 Linus Ullmark

Linus Ullmark has been absolutely sensational this season for the Boston Bruins. Ullmark currently has a .938 save percentage and a 1.87 goals against average. Ullmark also has a .955 goals saved above expected per 60 minutes.

Ullmark’s .955GSA/60 would be the highest mark in that statistic by a significant margin moneypuck.com has ever calculated in its data system. Even without the statistics, Ullmark passes the eye test as one of they key factors to the Bruins historic record this season.

#2 Ilya Sorokin

Second behind Linus Ullmark is Ilya Sorokon. If Ullmark hadn’t been performing the way he was, Sorokin would in fact have the highest mark goals saved above expected per 60 minutes since Antti Raanta in the 2017-18 season.

Sorokin has been the anchor the Islanders have needed to play their defensive and classic style of hockey. If the Islanders are able hold on to their playoff spot, they’ll have Sorokin to thank for it.

#3 Filip Gustavsson

Although Gustavsson splits starts with an aging but solid Marc-Andre Fleury, Gustavsson has actually been the better of the two. Gustavsson ranks third in the NHL in goals saved above expected per 60 minutes and currently rocks a .931 save percentage with a 2.01 goals against average for a fantastic 17-8-5 record.

Gustavsson has made a case for himself to be the starter moving forward as the Wild seek to secure a playoff spot. Gustavsson is having the kind of season that a player needs to capitalize on financially as well, and it wouldn’t be a shock to see a team trade for the goalie after things settle this offseason.

Goals Saved Above Expected Per 60 Minutes for Goalies

The goals saved above average per 60 minutes is the most important advanced statistic in relation to goalies because it gives an actual goal value to how valuable a certain goalie is. If a goalie has a goals saved above expected of 1.0, that means the goalie saves on average one goal less than would be expected based on the offensive opportunity.

Linus Ullmark holds a GSAA/60 of .955, which makes a massive difference in the NHL when most games end in a goal differential of 1. Goals saved above expected per 60 minutes also seems to have a direct relationship with the statistic called wins above replacement (WAR). Such a relationship is especially important for goaltenders because it indicates how valuable a goalie is in relation to the team’s success.

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