The NHL Winter Classic is unlike any other event in all of sports. This date and this game is special. Two teams outside in a makeshift ice rink playing professional hockey. They are the only game being played. This means caution is due before wagering this game.

May bettors are all wrapped up in college football bowls and sportsbooks, too. They haven’t put the time and effort into analyzing this contest. NHL isn’t wildly popular with the betting public. This game get attention that no other hockey game gets. TV ratings are better than they ever have been. Reporters are looking for special angles to bring to the audience. Public actually decide they care about this game.

There are some factors that make it unique, though, and if you aren’t considering these then you aren’t making the best bets you can. Here are some factors to consider before you make your bet.

Get our betting tips for the NHL Winter Classic.

Get our betting tips for the NHL Winter Classic.

Attention is High for the Winter Classic

There is added attention to this and that translates into newbies betting more in this game which has an impact into where the lines are set. The betting public is more with their heart on this game because it is something to watch over the holidays. This affects how far the lines are pushed.

Could Weather Impact This Game and Bet?

What’s the weather like and how could it impact the game? Remember, this is outdoors and could be playing in a harsh climate and be a big factor in the outcome. It doesn’t have to be cold weather, it could be warm weather that bothers the conditions of the ice.

Pre-Game Show Swaying Bettors

The Winter Classic pre-game show needs to be watched. It may sway many infrequent bettors as to who is good, who is bad, who can score, what defenses will try to do. These things sway people. You watch it with a critical eye. The public watches the show in large numbers, though, and a large number of those fans watching will bet on the game. That means that the show can have a big impact on who the public likes and how they bet. You’ll have a big edge in your NHL handicapping if you have a sense of what that impact could be.

Betting on the Winter Classic can be Tricky Due to Weather, Fans, Media and more!

Betting on the Winter Classic can be Tricky Due to Weather, Fans, Media and more!

Does the Crowd Have Any Effect?

Will the crowd have any effect? Inside arenas the fans are there in large numbers. Now with this being in a new place it may have fewer seats and could be further away from the action. These things can change the motivation of the hockey players.

Research is Still Key to Bet on the Winter Classic

Do your research and handicap the NHL Winter Classic as if it was a regular contest. Don’t let the excitement change anything. Consider the rosters of each team and check the injury lists. IS there anything different? What have the coaches been saying leading up to the outdoor game? They may not consider it just another game. Look at previous head-to-head match-ups and who the starting goalies will be.

It is imperative you do your homework on this game a bit more in-depth than other NHL contests that have been played prior to this game. It’s still a hockey game. It can be very easy to get carried away by the hype and the excitement, and by all the unique factors, and miss out on the fundamentals.

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