Do you know what second place is?

The first loser.

This is an attitude that Russia has been playing with for years in war, international relations, and the Olympic Games. If you win silver, you may lose citizenship in Russia because winning just means more. Russians use silver medals as practice hockey pucks.

There are nonstop examples of why the Olympics mean more to Russians. The first can be seen by their current name. The country’s athletes currently compete under the “Russian Olympic Committee” name because the government sponsored a massive doping scheme for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.


This may be cheating, but you have to respect it. Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin are so concerned with winning they are the masterminds behind juicing their athletes.

We are not even one week into the Beijing Winter Olympics, and we already have another doping scandal in Russia. This time it involves a 15-year-old skating prodigy named Kamila Valieva.

Valieva was caught taking a banned heart medication before the European Championship last month. The World Anti-Doping Agency prohibits this medication because it can help endurance and increase blood flow efficiency.

These are two qualities that can definitely help in figure skating, and it showed with Valieva.

Who the hell juices a 15-year-old to win Olympic gold?



Because winning just means more.

Russia won the team competition to kick off the Olympics, but the International Olympic Committee could strip the medal based on the banned substance.


The United States finished in second, so they would earn gold if Russia were disqualified. The medal ceremony was postponed immediately as the IOC investigates the scandal.

Valieva is not the first Russian skater to test positive for a banned substance, and she definitely will not be the last. Elena Berezhnaya, Alexandra Koshevaya, Anastasia Shakun, and Maria Sotskova are all Russian skating legends who were caught doping.
Winning just means more in Russia.


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