When it comes to BOTs, Americas Cardroom is starting to win the cat & mouse game. The US-facing online poker site confirmed that their software has been redesigned to stop BOTs in their tracks, or at the very least make the lives of BOT providers extremely difficult.

And it’s working. In mid-September, online BOT provider War Bot removed Americas Cardroom from their list of supported sites. What’s more, Shanky technologies (BonusBots.com), Kraken, and Medusa (PokerBots.com) have reported that their BOTS are currently not working on the site.

So what’s happening? Well, Americas Cardroom recently unleashed a new software upgrade with major under-the-hood improvements. Part of that included BOT blocking technology. While Americas Cardroom isn’t confirming if their software stops all BOTs, they are working hard to make sure that’s the case.

The US-facing online poker site has also strengthened its security and fraud teams to spot and block BOTs before they can do damage.

This comes as no surprise from the poker site that stepped up its BOT-fighting game earlier this year. While other sites tend to ignore the idea that BOTs could be at their tables, ACR instituted a policy to pay players back when BOTs are detected. And to date, they’ve refunded players $450,000 and banned 12 BOT accounts from the site for life.

This is a good news story in a string of other positive headlines. Americas Cardroom recently held the $5 Million Venom, setting world records and exceeding all expectations. And on November 27th, they plan to do it again with the $6 Million Venom. You can win your seat from as little as $0 through a Step tourney. For more information, visit Americas Cardroom.

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