Do you remember the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry is living it up in First Class, sipping on champagne, while Elaine is stuck in coach, feeling like cattle? That’s kind of how online poker is for cash game grinders today, with Americas Cardroom being the glorious place on the other side of the curtain and other cardrooms being that uncomfortable hell in the sky.

Take a look at how Americas Cardroom stacks up to the competition to see what we mean:

Number of Tables

At other sites, you’re limited to a set number of tables to play sometimes just a handful. At Americas Cardroom, you can play up to 24 tables at a time.

Hand Histories and Heads-up Displays

Some sites ban them. We’re not kidding. But not Americas Cardroom. They let you use both, understanding that these are tools to help you improve your game.

Player Rewards

A lot of sites have really butchered their rewards programs. As a cash game player, no matter how much time you put in, you get nada. But at Americas Cardroom, you get serious rewards through Elite Benefits, plus access to the popular Beast points race, which has paid out over $22 million since launching.

That’s just a taste of what kind of the first-class experience is waiting for you at Americas Cardroom. But it’s not all about cash game players. Tourney players are taken care of too, especially with the upcoming $6 Million Venom, which gets underway on Wednesday, November 27th. The last $5 Million Venom featured a final prize pool of $6,382,400 and the winner received over $1 million. This one should be even bigger.

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