This list will rank the remaining 10 cast members about halfway through the season to win the game. With around 5 weeks remaining of this season, I will go through each player and analyze their spot in the house. Read below to see me ranking the Big Brother cast from best to worst chance of winning.

The Five Least Likely Guests to Win Big Brother 23

10. Alyssa: Alyssa is the least likely to win this season because of the loss of her “boyfriend” and closest ally, Christian. She hasn’t been able to find any allies other than Xavier, which is why I do believe she could float until maybe the final 6 or 7. She has won a few competitions this year, but if she doesn’t find some allies soon, she’ll be the Cookout’s next victim.!

9. Sarah Beth: Sarah Beth is going to have a tough time winning this game because she is considered a major social threat. Kyland is her main ally, and he has been in power for much of the game. This doesn’t bode well for Sarah Beth because other members of the Cookout want to take her out and strengthen their own game. SB’s chances are very slim.

8. Claire: I had high hopes for Claire in the beginning, but she has been a floater for most of the time. Only in recent episodes has she been making some noise in the house and started to play a little more of her game. She has won a few competitions, but she hasn’t realized that the Cookout has picked off players one by one all season!

7. Derek X.: Derek X. is the most likely to win outside of the dominant alliance in the house because he is a comp monster! The dude has multiple Vetos under his belt and an HOH and the house has taken notice. That is definitely a downfall of his game, which is unfortunate because you always want to win. If Derek figures out the Cookout, he may have a chance.

6. Azah: Azah is a part of the Cookout but is not a threat to win this game. She is not the greatest player socially, as she has a terrible “poker face.” Azah also cannot win competitions and is definitely the weakest member of the Cookout, granted, why she is ranked 6th on this list. She could if she is dragged to the end and ends up going against Big D.

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5. Derek F.: Derek F. definitely is the classic “pawn” of the season right behind Brittany. Big D is, of course, aligned with the Cookout and has a chance to make it to the end, just like Aza. His struggle in almost every competition has been hard to watch this year, but maybe, just maybe, he starts winning some by the end. Hopefully, Big D makes a shocking comeback!

4. Tiffany: Tiffany definitely has a real shot at winning this game. Her social game is strong, and she has a great ally in Claire outside of the Cookout. A major downfall for Tiffany is her inability to win competitions. She only won one competition because it was thrown to her, and she lost the one that Kyland was trying to throw to her for the HOH. If Tiffany can win comps down the line, I think she would get enough jury votes.

3. Hannah: Hannah has been playing a sneaky, strategic game all year. She has her main ally outside of the Cookout in Derek X, and she seems to be flying under the radar. Her spot in the house seems to be about right in the middle, as she hasn’t won many competitions but is a huge strategical threat. Hannah definitely has a good chance of going all the way!

2. Kyland: Kyland comes in as my predicted runner-up this year, but I’m not sure if he can stay in this house much longer with him being one of the biggest targets behind Derek X. Kyland’s socially game is interesting, to say the least, but he has aligned with both Sarah Beth and Derek X. outside of the Cookout which is good. Kyland has been playing a solid game and could take the victory!

1. Xavier: Xavier has to be the clear favorite for Big Brother Season 23! He seems to always be determined as the third or fourth biggest target due to his constant throwing of competitions. I believe as it comes down to the wire that Xavier starts winning every comp and destroys the rest of the Cookout to come home with the dub. Let’s go Xavier!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, I mentioned the Cookout in every single one of these people’s overviews. This alliance has run through the game, and it won’t be stopped unless there are internal conflicts. Tiffany, Azah, and Derek F. don’t seem to have the strongest relationships, so it could turn into some issues.

The rest of the crew hasn’t figured out anything about the alliance, but Derek X. and Claire may be onto something. Just a little too late! My prediction is they stick with it, and all Cookout members make it to the final 6, allowing Xavier to run away with the win!


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