Bookmaker Review & Promo Bonus Code for 2017

Bookmaker is part of the BetCRIS family of gaming sites and has its home base in San Jose, Costa Rica. This organization was started in 1985 before the internet craze.They offered clients a legal, safe and secure method to telephone your sports betting and is still going strong 25 years later.

Bookmaker has made it a practice to get involved in the industry and fight scams and unethical practices in the sports betting business. Also, they have taken some of the smaller sportsbooks under their wing and got them some financial help to insure clients were paid.

Privacy is paramount for Bookmaker. It doesn’t matter who you are in this world they don’t release any information about their clients to anyone.There are no government agency reports to worry about. Your profile is private with Bookmaker, it always has and always will make that a cornerstone that you can trust.

Have you notice that many other sportsbooks don’t post their lines until Bookmaker has theirs out to the public? You will almost always find the earliest lines with them. This is a real advantage to the bettor.

Here are a few other random details regarding Bookmaker. Their clients are both professional and recreational. They don’t show a distinction between them. You can bet anywhere from a $1 bet to a $20,000 bet and more upon request. One thing to remember is you live in the United States is all are allow to bet except if you are from the states of Washington or Maryland. There are state requirements keeping you at bay.

Customer Service can be an issue some places but at Bookmaker they require the representatives to speak clear and precise, English, Spanish and Chinese for all “B” customers. That is good because you good faster, quicker service through the telephone than email. In fact, don’t even try the email system as it has been found lacking. Better off calling.

Do you have the IPhone Sports Betting App from Bookmaker? This is slick. It makes it easy, smooth and reliable. Don’t trust many other companies with their apps as they need to be approved.

Here is some information on their Bonus Programs :

%20-%25 Initial Deposit Bonus – 5X Rollover requirement – $500 Max Bonus – $300 Minimum and all deposit methods qualify. There is a 10% reload bonus and a 3x rollover requirement but you must deposit at least $300 with the maximum bonus at $300. If you refer a friend (doesn’t have to be a friend, just a person)you can receive a 10% bonus to your initial deposit. Now that’s sweet!

They will contact you from time to time with information on special bonuses you can receive but if you don’t want to hear from them, just tell them. They will bow out of that part with you.

If you are from the United States (not Washington or Maryland) here are a few methods of deposit available to you. If you use VISA, it has to be a minimum of $100 or you can use Bitcoin as it eliminates the sensitive document scans that people are trying to steal.

Maybe you are preparing to withdraw some money from your account. One way to to request a paper check. If you only request no more than once a month the service is free but must be at least $300. You can request a money transfer or a bank wire but there are fees included in those services. Again, Bitcoin is preferred for a fast and safe method

Bookmaker is one of the best in nearly every category. Your money is safe, your identity hidden and you receive the best lines in the business. There isn’t any reason to not use Bookmaker. Check it out and you will be satisfied.