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PointsBet is one of the latest and most innovative online sportsbooks we’ve seen join the now legalized and regulated sports betting market of the United States. Available in New Jersey, Iowa, and Illinois, PointsBet has introduced a unique approach for online sportsbooks. Not only do they provide tons of action on sports and leagues from around the world, they also offer some of the most creative wagers and bonuses in the market. PointsBet has gone out on a limb here, betting on themselves and their creativity in order to make a name for itself in sports betting.

The company is looking to make its mark and the early returns suggest they are succeeding. On top of several partnerships they’ve formed along the way, they’ve also added former All-Pro Cornerback Darrelle Revis and NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson as spokesmen.

“PointsBetting” is their signature wager and it is completely unique to PointsBet. Already grabbing a lot of attention, PointsBetting is a somewhat high-risk wager which gives sports gamblers the chance to win more money depending on the accuracy of their bet. It is an interesting new take on sports betting and what makes the PointsBet sportsbook such an original. Afterall, not many sportsbooks are introducing their own wagers. However, PointsBet is no one-trick pony as it provides everything a sportsbook should.

PointsBet History

PointsBet is an Australian company which first launched stateside in New Jersey in 2019 partnered with Meadowlands Racetrack. Since then, they’ve kept expanding with sportsbook opening in Catfish Bend Casino in Iowa and a mobile aspect in Illinois.

Pointsbet is also available online in all three states and they are fully licensed and regulated by each states’ Gaming Commission. A publicly traded company, PointsBet is looking to expand even further in the United States as more states make sports betting legal to their citizens.

PointsBet Ratings

  • Overall 95% 95%
  • Bonus Offer 85% 85%
  • Promotions 85% 85%
  • Software 90% 90%
  • Sports & Markets 95% 95%
  • Sign Up Process 95% 95%
  • Mobile Platform 90% 90%

PointsBet At a Glance

  • Bonus Offer: Deposit Match in Free Bets up to $250
  • Promo Code: KNUP
  • Sign Up Link: CLICK HERE
  • Physical Locations: Catfish Bend Casino Burlington, Ia, Illinois
  • Mobile Betting: Available in New Jersey, Illinois, and Iowa
  • Operator: PointsBet
  • Software: Apps available on iOS and Android
  • Last Updated: July 14, 2021

How to Sign Up

  1. Click This Link
  2. Complete Your Name Information
  3. Use & Verify Promo Code “KNUP”
  4. Complete Sign Up

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  • INNOVATION – Their “PointsBetting” wager is completely unique to PointsBet.
  • INTERFACE – The apps available in each state are consistent and easy-to-navigate.
  • REPUTATION – PointsBet prides itself on transparency and gives users plenty of information concerning their accounts, wagers, and Terms of Service.
  • DEPOSIT BONUSES – While it is nice to have a tiered deposit bonus, other sportsbooks in the same states offer much more after a deposit.
  • DEPOSITING OPTIONS – Again only a minor complaint but there could be more options when depositing with PointsBet


  1. Points Betting – This is a fun new wager that’s easy to learn.
  2. Rewards Program – Nice to see as other sportsbooks have stopped using them.
  3. Betting Menu – The menu immediately alerts players to upcoming games.
  4. Fast Bet Slips – Wagers are entered in record time at PointsBet.
  5. Sports – PointsBet has a wide range of sports and leagues from around the world.


July 2021

Use PointsBet promo code KNUP to get the best bonuses and promotions for July 2021. See the full list of PointsBet bonuses below:

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Pointsbet Physical Locations (USA)

When PointsBet came onboard in New Jersey, they were strictly online and remain so in The Garden State. However, since then they have expanded to two other states. PointsBet is now also available in Indiana and Iowa with a brick and mortar establishment in each.


  • Catfish Bend Casino Burlington

Mobile Betting at PointsBet

Mobile Betting with PointsBet is available in New Jersey, Illinois, and Iowa via downloadable apps on iOS and Android. These interfaces are sleek and easy-to-use and have been a big part of PointsBets popularity thus far.

How to Download iPhone App

  1. Click Here & Register for a New Account (use PointsBet promo code KNUP)
  2. Navigate to the Apple App Store
  3. Search for “PointsBet” and find the appropriate state app

PointsBet Promo Code in the iTunes App Store

How to Download Android App

  1. Click Here & Register for a New Account (use PointsBet bonus code KNUP)
  2. Navigate to the Google App Store
  3. Search for “PointsBet” and find the appropriate state app

PointsBet Promo Code in the Google Play App Store

As mentioned, PointsBet has limited banking options when compared to other online sportsbooks. That said, they do have enough options to accommodate most online players. However, players like options, especially when banking online.

PointsBet accepts deposits with Visa, Mastercard, e-check, and EML cards and withdrawals can be made the same way. However, in order to withdraw any funds from PointsBet, users must have settled all open wagers and identity verification upon first withdrawal.

While points betting may be PointsBet’s claim to fame, they remain a fully loaded sportsbook taking action on a wide variety of sports. Not only are there plenty of sports from around the world, there are also plenty of additional leagues from around the world available as well. Many online sportsbooks operating in the same states as PointsBet have taken to only offering the more popular North American sports. PointsBet goes bigger in this regard, opening up many new doors for their users.

According to their website, there are 17 sports and leagues offered at PointsBet including football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, MMA, rugby, Aussie rules football, golf, tennis, boxing, darts, and even curling.

PointsBet has all the standard wagers available to their players. Moneylines, point spreads, totals, props and parlays are easily found. You will not find any teasers or pleasers as of yet but you will find their unique wager called “PointsBetting.”

PointsBetting is a new wager only available at PointsBet. This creative feature is mostly available on point spreads and totals wagers and allows players to win, or lose, more money based on the accuracy of their initial bet.

For example, if a player takes the Over of an NBA game at 215 for $10, the player will receive $10 for every point over 216. However, and here’s the risk, if the total comes in lower than 215, the player is on the hook for every point under 214. This wager is enticing as the winnings can add up quickly but, again, so can the losses.

Before PointsBetting came along, InPlay Betting was the latest and most interesting wager introduced by online sportsbooks. InPlay Betting, or Live Betting, allows players to place wagers on sporting events already in progress. While usually limited to only moneylines, point spreads, and totals wagers, the odds and lines are updated as the game progresses. This innovation has opened up a whole new world of gambling options and strategy. No more missing a wager because you failed to get a bet down in time. Any self-respecting online sportsbook needs to carry this feature and, of course, PointsBet does.

Loyalty and Rewards Programs have quickly, and unfortunately, gone by the wayside in online sportsbooks as of late and we commend PointsBet for carrying such a strong offering. PointsBet offers players reward points on most wagers placed in their online sportsbook. Players will receive one reward point for every dollar on fixed odds wagers and 5 points for every dollar on parlays. All points are delivered once wagers are settled and players can cash in these rewards for funds put directly into their account.

It is also nice to see PointsBet take customer support to the next level as well. They have customer service set up 24/7 and you can reach representatives via phone, email, and live chat. There are also a number of tutorials available on the menu bar including the Revis Betting Academy giving insight into all the wagers available on the site including PointsBetting.

PointsBet Screen Shots

PointsBet Promo Code at Sign Up
PointsBet Betting Home
PointsBet Promotions NJ New Jersey

Reviews & Testimonials for PointsBet


We still offer the normal sportsbook’s experience, and that’s also very important. I’m hopeful that even if you just want to come to have one points bet a month, you still have to come to have it with us, because nobody else is offering this.But also, if you want to have your normal parlay or your normal spread-line bet, you can have that with us, as well.” – United States CEO Johnny Aitken on how he wants PointsBet to function stateside.


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Overall, PointsBet is a stellar online sportsbook sure to grab plenty of action in New Jersey, Illinois, Iowa, and anywhere else they set up shop. The major players sharing the market may have the name recognition and branding on their side, but they will be hard pressed to compete with PointsBet in innovation and design.

Sure, there are a few shortcomings we would love to see fixed up. Easier banking and bigger Deposit Bonuses would be nice. But with PointsBet, you get an online sportsbook looking to put customers first, streamline the betting process, and even invent their own compelling wagers along the way. PointsBet wants to make its mark in the U.S. and we believe they are doing just that.

Ryan Knuppel

Ryan Knuppel

Knup Sports - Founder & CEO

This PointsBet sportsbook review was written and published by USA sports betting expert / advocate Ryan Knuppel. Ryan has over 15 years of experience working in the sports betting world.

He has created thousands of reviews for offshore bookmakers and now legal US sportsbooks as well. Ryan has deep relationships with many of the operators and affiliates across the US sports betting landscape, making it easier to create reviews and get the best PointsBet promo code possible for you.