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Show #91 – Kelly Kehn Talks About iGaming Inclusion Through Her All-In Diversity Project

On today’s show, Kelly Kehn, the co-founder of the All-In Diversity Project joins us to talk a bit about their mission. She talks about her background starting the project and leads into some future plans for the organization. Kelly also shares some subtle “nuggets for success” if you are looking to start a project in the iGaming (or any) space.

Show #53 – Nick Hayden the Co-Founder of Sports Biz Group Joins us to Talk About Connecting Individuals in the Sports Business Industry

Have you ever wanted to get connected with someone in the sports business industry? Nick Hayden of the Sports Biz Group is our guest today and talks about his up and coming business. He has a growing slack channel along with a sports business networking event on the horizon. Hear what Nick has to say about sports, sports betting and the overall “business” side of this niche.

Show #49 – Interview With Founder/CEO of SBC Gaming Rasmus Sojmark Recapping Betting on Sports America 2019

Betting on Sports America 2019 is officially in the books and it turned out to be a first class event for sports betting fans in the United States. Today, Ryan Knuppel talks with the founder and CEO of SBC Gaming, Rasmus Sojmark, about the event from his perspective. This recording was just a few days after the event and the first podcast interview Rasmus did following #bosamerica — this is one you won’t want to miss.