Ryan & Rodney are back as they talk week 1 of the NFL season. The guys touch on a couple of the week 2 college games and then dive into all of the NFL games. Plus, Rodney has a few BOLD predictions and the Knuppel’s finish off with their Top 3 Betting Picks for Week 1 NFL. Don’t miss it!

Show notes:

Ryan Knuppel: All right, all right, all right. Welcome to the Knup Sports Show. I’m your host, Ryan Knuppel. I’m here alongside of Rodney Knuppel. Rodney, you with me?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah. What’s going on? Looking forward to the National Football League. Looking forward to a big weekend.

Ryan Knuppel: Yes, for sure. For sure. Everybody out there listening. Thank you so much for tuning into the Knup’s Sport Show. We’ve been coming at you a lot more here lately. We’ve been doing a lot more episodes, interviewing a lot of people in the industry, talking a little football now that football is back, and just flat out just enjoying sports. I mean that’s a, it’s the best time of year to enjoy sports and with football coming up, man, it’s on our minds. I cannot wait. Cannot wait. Rodney, I think that first before we get started here we’ve got a little announcement to make.

Ryan Knuppel: You and I are traveling. We are heading to Las Vegas, Nevada for the G2E Conference in October. You pretty pumped about that?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, I definitely am. I definitely am looking forward to getting out to, it’s never bad to be going out to Vegas of course. And, yeah, the conference should be a lot of fun meeting a lot of the big dogs in the industry and just kind of hanging out and seeing what’s going on out there in the industry and all. So yeah, looking forward to that coming up here in October, but, yeah, it should be cool.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah, that’s October 14th through 16th, the G2E Conference in Vegas. There’s a sports betting spin to it. I know SBCs putting on a nice little party and kind of having the… I think there’s a sports betting symposium along with it.

Ryan Knuppel: So any of you listeners, if you’re heading out to Vegas for G2E, please, please, please, I urge you to send us a message, send us an email, whatever. Shoot me up on LinkedIn and let’s definitely connect at that event. That’s really what we’re going out there for, is just to connect with you guys and just talk sports and really understand what you’re doing in business these days, especially around, this booming sports betting industry. So please look us up. We’re going to be out there for three, four days and we would love nothing more than to meet with you guys over lunch or a drink or dinner or something. So please do that. We will have a good time and we would love to meet you. So that’s that. Speaking of upcoming podcast, I am meeting with Dustin Sullivan, Dustin Sullivan of SportsData.io.

Ryan Knuppel: That will be on the next episode. Actually going to be released shortly after this one. So stay tuned for that one. We’re going to talk FantasyData, we’re going to talk sports betting data, kind of the business side of data. So definitely tune in for that. That will be a good one. I think that’ll be episode 62 for you guys to listen to. So that should be fun. All right, Rodney, that’s kind of the prep work. Let’s jump into some football, man. So the first week we nailed Florida-Miami. I mean I think we were pretty much spot on the whole time, weren’t we, in that Florida-Miami game back in week zero?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah. Not even that, but the late game with Hawaii, I think we nailed that one as well. Hawaii and I forgot who they played. But yeah, that was a good opening weekend.

Rodney Knuppel: We didn’t have the podcast obviously last weekend, it was kind of the holiday and some busy stuff going on, but did okay last weekend as well. But yeah, that opening weekend, week zero, was a nice weekend to start college football betting and kind of thought maybe I’d go undefeated after that week. I thought maybe I’d win every game all year.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah, because that’s how it always goes. Right?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, but then the first game at 11 o’clock on week one kind of ruined that. So, but it was a nice fun weekend and a lot of good college games. Some more good ones this weekend.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah. Now we jump in here to week two of college and there’s really two on the radar that I’m looking at it. And really when you look at the top 25 match-ups, there’s a couple that are just monstrous. When you have Texas A&M at Clemson, 11 versus one, and then you got, what else do you got?

Ryan Knuppel: You got LSU and Texas battling and that should be a good one as well. How about that LSU-Texas game, Rodney, have you looked at that all? And what are your kind of early thoughts on that game?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, yeah. I mean the game’s in Texas, two top 10 teams, and I think with the game in Texas, for me, I like the Longhorns. Tom Herman’s team, I thought looked pretty good in week one. Their score really didn’t indicate how good they look, but I thought they looked pretty good in week one, and I’ve always kind of had this, I don’t know, maybe this LSU team is a little bit different, but I feel like LSU is going to struggle to score enough to win this game. I know they scored 55 last week, but it was against Georgia Southern.

Rodney Knuppel: I’m actually, if I’m giving my pick right away, going to take Texas to not only cover, but I’m going to take them to win this game. It’s like a five and a half point spread. I think they’re gonna win something like, 28, 24, somewhere around there. I got the Longhorns winning this game.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah, I think it might’ve moved to six and a half. It’s been floating around six, six and a half. Texas as an underdog in this one, in Texas, like you said. I tend to agree with you here. I think that’s too many points to give this Texas team. These two teams don’t play every year. It’s kind of a rarity for these two teams to be battling. They haven’t played since 2003, so both teams are going to be hyped and I think I’m with you.

Ryan Knuppel: I think I’m going to take Texas plus the points. I’m not sure I’ll go money line in this one. I may be a little shy, gun shy taking that one, but this is 7:30 late game on Saturday on ABC. Should be a prime time matchup for these two. I’ll go Texas with you. That should be fun.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah-

Ryan Knuppel: Oh, good ahead.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, definitely. Looking forward to that one. It is the primetime game, so I think that’s the one all eyes are going to be on for sure.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah, and then the afternoon on Saturday, we kind of went out of order here, but the afternoon on Saturday, Texas A&M and Clemson, I mean that should be a really good game as well. I know Clemson is favored heavily, heavily by 17 points, but Clemson’s… They’re beasts this year and they’re at home in this game, man. You think a Texas A and M can even stay close in this one or is this going to be a blowout?

Rodney Knuppel: Well, I mean I think anytime you can give me that many points on a top 15 team, I think you got to take it. I just, I don’t know, maybe I’m the sucker on this one, but I mean an SEC school, I know SEC, you know some of the middle, the lower teams struggled a little bit last week. But yeah, I mean I’m gonna take those 17 points. I think a lot of things could happen where Texas A and M at least keeps this game close and 17 points is almost three scores. So, I certainly, I am going to take Texas A and M in this one. As far as the total, I don’t know as if I like it either way.

Rodney Knuppel: I mean these guys did meet last year, of course, in Texas A and M, and it was a 28-26 game. I mean, it’s a pretty close game. 64 and a half is the total. If I had to predict it, I would go under, but I’m going to take Texas A&M to cover this one.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah man, we are identical so far this year. That’s crazy. I like Texas A and M as well. I think they cover… Last year was a close game. Clemson’s at home, they’re obviously going to be ready for this game. Ready to pound A&M, but I think A&M stays close, and at least covers in this one. So we’ll see though. It should be a good one. Any other college games? I don’t want to spend a ton of time on college because I think we want to make the full focus of this pretty much NFL week one since that’s our bread and butter.

Both Rodney and Ryan like Texas A&M to cover against the powerhouse Clemson in week 2 of college football on Saturday.

Ryan Knuppel: But any other college games that stand out to you or something? Anything you want to say about college before we move on?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah. Well, down in your backyard, UCF goes on the road to Lane Kiffin and Florida Atlantic. Now Florida Atlantic’s a 10 point underdog at home. I don’t know. I think they’re gonna be pesky enough and I’d like to see the Knights who are ranked 18th play on the road. I think I’ll take that 10, 10 and a half points. And then I just wanted to throw out that Alabama is a 54 and a half point favorite.

Ryan Knuppel: 54 and a half. That’s your early season, big time team against the load. How much are you going to pay me to come play here type game. Oh man, that’s a big spread there. New Mexico State’s terrible, so yeah, they may cover that.

Rodney Knuppel: Ask Tennessee what it’s like to have a team pay somebody $900,000 to come play. They actually lost at home last week to Georgia State or whatever it was. Unbelievable. But Alabama is not going to lose 54 and a half. No way, I’m betting that. I mean 54 and a half, all sorts of things could happen to cover 54 and a half, but I just wanted you to know, 54 and a half. Unbelievable.

Ryan Knuppel: Crazy, crazy, crazy. All right. Let’s turn our attention to the real show this week. We got NFL football. We got Thursday night. We’ll hit home with you and your Midwest crew back in Illinois. We got Green Bay Packers in Chicago. Bears baby, lightening it up first day, Thursday night football. That is tomorrow night. I mean we’re recording this on Wednesday. This will come out on Thursday, so it’ll be tonight, by the time you guys listen to this. Man, Bears are favored by three. Are you ready for this game or what?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to it. It’s the hundredth year anniversary for the Chicago Bears. It’s the oldest rivalry in the NFL. It’s two teams who think they’re gonna be good. Supposed to be good. Two teams that could win that division. Packers, new coach, Aaron Rodgers quarterback, got some weapons, hopefully for his sake. I do like this game a lot. I think it’s going to be fun and I’m telling you, I’m going Packer, so I’m just going to throw that out there right now. I’m going Packers, three or three and a half. I’m going Packers. I’m going Packers, to win this game. I’m just not going to quite buy into the Bears hype quite yet. I know they were good last year. I understand that.

Rodney Knuppel: It’s week one. Aaron Rogers has a head coach, has an offensive coordinator that he likes right now, and I’ll ask him in about four weeks if he actually still likes these guys or not. But Aaron Rogers has an offensive coordinator, has a head coach. I think he’s going to air it out more than we’ve seen before. Adam’s obviously a big key for them. He’s got some other receivers that I think are going to step up huge this year. I am taking the Packers, and it’s the three or three and a half if you can still find it at that three and a half. Perfect. I think you can take it at three and be happy. I’m gonna take the Packers.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah, I mean the Bears obviously beat them last year in Chicago. That was like the first time they’d beaten them at home in I don’t know how many years. I mean a decade probably. I don’t know the actual number on how many years that was, but Green Bay traditionally has the Bears number and it’s always a good game. But they typically have their number, so you’re going to give me a field goal with the Packers. I think I’m going to take Green Bay as well. I don’t love it. I don’t love the game by any means, but you know it’s Thursday night. It’s the first NFL game. It’s probably something you’re going to have to place a little wager on. So, if I was forced, which I will be, I’ll probably take the Packers as well in this one. Aaron Rogers, like you said, should have a big year with kind of a new offensive scheme in place. Davante Adams is going to have a monster year. I’m really looking forward to watching him.

Ryan Knuppel: On the Bear’s side, I think the running game is such a question that that just really concerns me on the running side. I think Trubisky’s obviously kind of proven he can do okay, but I just think that offense is really not proven. The defense is pretty dang good, but when you have Aaron Rogers on the other side, I like them to be able to stay close in this one. And obviously both teams are going to be juiced up, amped up for the beginning of the season here. So I like this game to stay close. Give me the three, three and a half points. If we can get it three and a half, that’d be great. I keep seeing three everywhere. I think I’m with you on that one. I’ll take the Packers, but it’s not one of my favorites of the week.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, I mean you talk about the running game for the Bears, and a lot of people are excited about the running game with that David Montgomery. But I want to see what David Montgomery can do first. I mean, there are people talking about how he could be a top five to eight running back and… I want to see it first. I just want to see it first before I’m really buying into the Bears. And a lot of talk that they’re just kind of letting Tarik Cohen not really even do much, and I think that’s a mistake because we saw at the end of the year last year, Tarik Cohen was a huge weapon, but we’ll see. We’ll see what happens with the Bears and how they open up that offense. Looking forward to seeing that game. Yeah, definitely going Packers on this side as well.

Ryan Knuppel: Definitely. Then we go into Sunday and we’re not going to go game by game. I know last year we went every game and we talked about it. We will spare you guys the time this year, but we do want to talk about a few games, so let me just run down the games real quick. We got the Rams at Carolina. Carolina’s three point underdogs at home in this one. We got Washington at Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s 10 point favorites. Buffalo at the Jets. Jets are three-point favorites. Minnesota hosting Atlanta, three and a half point favorites there for Minnesota. Baltimore at Miami. Miami’s almost a touchdown underdog at home. Kansas City, Jacksonville with Jacksonville being three point dogs at home, and then Tennessee at Cleveland with Cleveland being five and a half point favorites. Those are the early games. Rodney, does anything stand out to you in the early game that you want to talk about?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, I mean, I think I like Carolina. Cam Newton’s playing, we’re not sure how healthy, we’re never sure how healthy Cam Newton is. But if you’re gonna get the best out of Cam Newton, I think it would be week one. And I just want to see what the Rams do after that Super Bowl loss. Kind of where they’re at. And Todd Gurley still got some question marks. I mean, he’s got arthritis in his knee to start the season. That’s not a good thing for the Rams. So I, three points, I’m taking Carolina there and again, I think Carolina can end up beating them in that game, and just kind of running it real quickly. I think Jacksonville will give the Kansas City Chiefs a good game. Again, I want to see how Kansas City does and I think the Eagles is a blowout. Washington, you mentioned that game, nine and a half. I think that’s not enough. I’ll give some of my best picks later, but I like Philadelphia a lot in that game at noon central time.

Ryan Knuppel: What do you think about Cleveland? Cleveland, five and a half point favorites over Tennessee. I mean high hopes for Cleveland this year. There’s been a lot of talk about them going to the playoffs last year. Do you think they blow out Tennessee in this one?

Rodney Knuppel: I don’t know what to think about Cleveland yet. That’s a team I’m really just going to wait and see. I probably won’t bet on them or against them at least week one because I just, I mean I know they’ve added players, but it’s still Cleveland after all. I mean they haven’t been good in a long time. Baker may field second year, I always am a little bit curious how quarterback’s doing their second year once teams start figuring out how to defend them. I don’t like that game a lot. I mean I think Cleveland wins but I’m not sure at five, six points. I’m just not sure. So I’m not, I don’t believe I’ll bet that game.

Ryan Knuppel: One game I like quite a bit actually, is the Minnesota game where they’re hosting Atlanta. I think Minnesota is going to take Atlanta to the woodshed. I think they’re going to beat them by over over a touchdown in this one. They’re only three, three and a half point favorites at home in this one I believe, am I correct on that? Yeah, they’re at home, and I think Minnesota’s offense is ready to click this year. You know, Thielen, Diggs, a healthy running back situation. Cousins should have a little more chemistry with those guys this year. I just think that offense is kind of going to be ready to go this year. They did struggle a bit last year and we always know the Minnesota defense is going to be pretty good.

Ryan Knuppel: You have Atlanta who really has struggled. I think they struggled last year. I didn’t think they were living up to expectations of last year and it’s starting to get a little old. That core is starting to get a little older. I like Minnesota quite a bit in this one. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, I mean, I think at home certainly, four scares me, because I could see Minnesota winning late and it being three or whatever it’s going to be. But yeah, I mean I’d like Minnesota to win that game. I would be a little bit nervous with the four, but I think if I’m siding one way or the other, it’s Minnesota. I mean, I think Dalvin Cook has a big year. And obviously in week one at home, again, with the weapons that he has, they’re going to air it out to Thielen and her digs and then once they don’t, now they’re going to give it to Dalvin Cook.

Rodney Knuppel: I think Dalvin Cook has a big year. So, I mean, again, I would probably side Minnesota in that one. A little bit nervous because Atlanta still has guys that can score. I mean they still could play a shootout with you. So, I think that’ll be a fun game to watch. But yeah, I’d probably side Minnesota.

Ryan Knuppel: And I’m a little upset. I should’ve started this a segment because you took both teams I was going to talk about. You took them both. How did that happen? I mean I actually thought I had a couple of gems there to talk about. I do like Carolina, I think them plus three at home is a steal here. And then I also like Jacksonville a little bit. Now that one scares me a little more because we know Kansas City’s powerful. We know they’re powerful.

Ryan Knuppel: But I think Jacksonville’s going to bounce back a bit this year. At home is always a tough place to play there in Jacksonville. I don’t know. I think that’s a decent one. I don’t know that I love, love, love Jacksonville, but I think I’m on that side with you in that game as well. So, we will see. All right, let’s move on to the afternoon games. We’ve got five games in the afternoon. The 4:05, 4:25 slot. Man. As I talk about this, it just pumps me up. I love these Sundays when there’s games all day. Man. It’s just great. So we got Indianapolis at the Chargers. Chargers, six and a half point favorites. That line has moved quite a bit. We got San Francisco at Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay, one point favorites at home in that one. Giants at Dallas, Dallas, seven point favorites. Detroit at Arizona with Arizona being the two and a half point underdog at home.

Ryan Knuppel: I’ll let you take your shot. Which one do you want to talk about first here, Rod?

Rodney Knuppel: I think let’s go ahead and talk… I think Seattle’s the team I like the most there at almost 10 points, whatever it is, nine and a half or 10, wherever you see it at. I mean I think Cincinnati is going to be one of the worst teams in the National Football League this year. I think Seattle is still sneaky good. I know people are, their core is aging, their defense isn’t as good. I still think that defense is going to be pretty good. And then Russell Wilson’s a magician. So Seattle is probably my favorite pick there. I always shy, when it’s nine and a half, 10 points. But I think you got to go there.

Rodney Knuppel: Chargers, without Melvin Gordon will be interesting to see what happens there. Obviously the Colts, they’ve got a quarterback problem. Cowboys at seven, who knows what Zeke’s gonna do. He just signed this week. He’s supposed to be on a snap count and so I don’t know if I like that one. But then San Francisco-Tampa Bay intrigues me because it’s 50 points for the total. And I think if you’re looking at like a daily fantasy, I think this is going to be a little bit of a, it’s going to be one of the highest stacks. You’re going to see a Jameis Winston Godwin, you’re going to see a Jimmy G, some of his weapons. I mean I think you’re going to see a decent stack onto this game and over 50 could be in play here, San Francisco-Tampa Bay.

Ryan Knuppel: Wow. Yeah, that is a, and that’s another thing to talk about. We got daily fantasy starting up. We have fan duel. I know you host a fantasy show back in the… I said that wrong. A fantasy football show back on ESPN in the Midwest. So you’re pretty excited to start that as well and talk a little fantasy, I bet.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, definitely. I mean, so we’ve had the show for a couple of weeks here to start the season and it’s been season long talk and that’s fine. But the DFS is where I really like and that should be fun and putting your lineups together. I mean getting all those millionaire makers and whatever the lines are, it should be fun. But yeah, I think Tampa Bay-San Francisco, you’re going to see a pretty large stack on.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah. I mean one of them, I know everybody seems to love the Chargers now with Luck out in Indianapolis and, oh, I don’t know. I mean that line moved from three to six and a half. It just kinda scares me with everybody pounding the Chargers. I never liked seeing such a big percentage of the nation loving one side. So that one I’m a little hesitant on. I do like Dallas. I do like Dallas, Zeke or no Zeke. I mean Zeke’s gonna play a little bit. I think they’re going to blow out the Giants.

Ryan Knuppel: I don’t like this Giant’s team at all this year. I just don’t. I think they’re going to struggle heavily on offense, even though they do have Barkley. I think Eli Manning’s just way, way, way over, over. He’s just done. Their wide receiver, core is a mess. I don’t think their lines are any good. I just really think Dallas is going to pound these guys at home this year. So I see this being a blowout, but seven does kind of suck. You know, I wish that was six, six and a half. But I may lay the seven in this one and take Dallas.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, I mean that’s just a scary game because, again, seven points, you just never quite sure. It’s a rivalry game, divisional game. I’m surprised it’s not the Sunday night game. These two teams always play on Sunday nights. Eli Manning, he lost his top weapon, so. Well, I shouldn’t say top weapon, his top passing weapon. I mean Saquon Barkley’s his top weapon. But you know, Odell Beckham Jr was a pretty big part of that offense. So it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be interesting to see how quickly the giants say, “Hey, Eli, you’re not playing anymore, and we’re going to go to our new guy.” So yeah, I mean that game might be a fun one to watch, but I don’t like the betting on that one real well. I mean, Zeke’s going to get like two practices, so I’m just not real sure how that’s gonna go.

Ryan Knuppel: All right, let’s move to Sunday night football. We got Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots, 8:20 on Sunday night. Man, what a big game to start the Sunday night football action week one. Patriots are five and a half point favorites. Man, the betting action’s about 50/50 on this game. That line seems just about right. Over under is 49 and a half, man. Are you leaning either side here, early?

Rodney Knuppel: Patriots. I’m just, I want to see the Steelers and how they can do without Bell and Brown. Is Juju that big of a stud to lead them. I mean can Big Ben still play without his two dudes. Is Connor the real deal still? I’m taking the Patriots. I know early on, maybe in time they get the Patriots, but I’ll rest easy knowing that I’m betting the Patriots who are one of the best teams to bet. I mean the Patriots are really good. I’m taking the Patriots in this game.

Ryan Knuppel: Are these the two oldest quarterbacks in the NFL right now?

Rodney Knuppel: I mean-

Ryan Knuppel: Matt Ryan up there or are these the two… No these are probably the two, right?

Rodney Knuppel: I mean Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers are both-

Ryan Knuppel: I guess you have quite a few of them, but man, this is, can’t think about a more epic quarterback matchup to start when you got the two surefire hall of fameers going at it to start.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, absolutely. Both won championships. Two good head coaches. Two teams that think they go in the AFC. I mean, this is a great game. I’m just, I’m going with New England at home. I think New England wins this game. I could see a Pittsburgh struggle this year. I mean, I just think internally, they’re just not still there. I know two of the cancers are now gone, but… And now you’ve got Big Ben with different weapons. I just don’t like it. I’m going to take Patriots.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah, I’ll admit I haven’t looked at this game very closely. I mean, I’m just more salivating over the thought of the game, and watching it, and paying attention to it. So, I think when it comes Sunday evening, I’ll probably take a look at this a little closer, but I’m not prepared to give a pick right now. So, I don’t know. I just, I’m excited for the game in general and that’ll be a, just a great game.

Ryan Knuppel: I mean both these teams have really high expectations every year, but again, this year… Yeah, it’ll be a fun one. I can’t wait to watch it. So, let’s move on to Monday. Monday night football, two games. So double Monday night football this week as they do every year on week one. We got Houston at New Orleans. New Orleans, a touchdown favorite at home. And then we got Denver at Oakland, which is a pick them at the moment for the really late game on Monday night. I’ll let you take a one of these and I’ll take the other. Which one do you like?

Rodney Knuppel: Houston. I will take Houston. I will take them plus seven, and I’ll give a little backstory here. This could be the Super Bowl matchup.

Ryan Knuppel: Wow.

Rodney Knuppel:

Deshaun Watson will be my MVP, and the Houston Texans win the AFC.

So I’m taking Houston plus seven. I’ll tell you, I took Green Bay in the NFC. Yes. I’m off the wall here, I’m taking Green Bay. But I’m taking Houston to cover this game. I’m not sure if they’ll win. Plus seven’s a lot, but I’m taking Houston to cover this game. Oh, I’ll probably go over too, I think Deshaun Watson can really get in the shoot out here. This could be in the 30s. Over 53 Houston plus seven if somehow you can get at seven and a half, easy money. I’m taking Houston.

Ryan Knuppel: Nice. Man, that’s some heavy expectations for Houston. I love the boldness on that. That call on Deshaun Watson. I love it. Alright, I’ll go the other game. I’m going to take the Oakland Raiders. I’m going to take Oakland to win this game. It’s a pick them. So basically flat out just win the dang game. Right? They’re at home. High expectations on Oakland again this year, now adding Brown into the mix, dramatic Brown. It seems like drama all preseason. So who knows what they’ll get out of him. But even without him, I like Oakland in this game.

Ryan Knuppel: I think Denver traditionally, and maybe this is just in my mind, I don’t really have stats to back it up, but it feels like Denver struggles at the beginning of the year each and every year. I just feel that way. I feel like they always kind of struggle to cover, struggle to win, and then they kind of turn it on and it kind of always end up kind of there, pretty decent. But I feel like they struggle at the beginning of the year, every time. I’m going to go with Oakland to win this game at home. It’s just a pick them. The trends do disturb me a little bit. I’m always, you know me, I’m one of those guys that likes to be contrarian a little bit. Raiders have 62% of the action, yet this line is moving pretty heavily.

Ryan Knuppel: It’s moved towards Denver, even though everybody’s betting on Oakland. So that does bug me a bit, but I don’t think it’s gonna make me shy away from it. I think I’m going to take Oakland in this one regardless of who’s playing, who’s not playing. I know Lindsey’s now available for Denver. He should be healthy. Gosh, I think I’m taking Oakland in this one.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, I mean, I’ll just real quick, I’m gonna take Oakland too. But backstory, I’ll actually be in Denver Monday night to see the Broncos. Now the game’s in Oakland. But I’m curious to see how the city of Denver is reacting to a team that doesn’t have a lot of high expectations. I mean, Denver’s maybe the third best team in that division, might be worst, depending on how the Raiders do. I’m just curious, kind of off the bedding topic here, curious how the city of Denver reacts to the Broncos playing on Monday night. Just kind of food for thought there.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah, that’d be fun. That’d be fun to watch it in their hometown and Monday night football late, the last game. So everybody will be amped up in Denver, I’m sure.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, it should be fun. I mean, Denver’s a great football town. I mean the Broncos have been successful in the past, so I’m curious to see how that goes. It’ll be a late game. It’ll be a late one. But looking forward to the football Monday night, two games. It’s always fun.

Ryan Knuppel: All right. All right. All right. So, we went through all of them. Now, the one tradition I want to start for this year, so if we start a tradition, that means we got to do this. We got to do it each and every week. So I want to pick our top three games against the spread, or total, whatever you want. But we pick three picks. We’re gonna track these all year and we’re going to have a little, a little internal Knuppel battle by the end of this season. So we got, I’ll let you give me one, and then I’ll go, and then you go, and we’ll go back and forth here.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, my top one’s going to be the Philadelphia Eagles and I think currently I’ll just take it at nine and a half. I don’t know if I’m cheating. It may have moved to 10. I found it at nine and a half, so I’m going to take Eagles nine and a half.

Ryan Knuppel: All right. I will take, and we can take the same one. It’s okay. We can take the same one. I won’t make us go there. I’m going to take Carolina plus three. We talked about this game earlier. I really like them to cover against the Rams at home in this one and possibly win that game. So I’m going, Carolina plus three as one of mine.

Rodney Knuppel: My second one. I will, and this is kind of different for me, I’ll take Seattle minus nine and a half. Two games with a lot of points, two favorites, but I’m going to take both favorites, Eagles and Seahawks both at minus nine and a half. Seattle’s my number two.

Ryan Knuppel: All right, my second one is another one I talked about. I’m going to go Dallas. I’m going to go Dallas minus seven. I will, I’ll just put the seven out there. I wish I could get six and a half, but I only see it at seven right now, so I’ll take a minus a touchdown in this one to beat the Giants.

Rodney Knuppel: Well, then I’ll go… I’ve kind of changed here in the last few hours. My third one, I’ll take Houston plus seven. If I’m going to go all in with the Deshaun Watson as MVP with the Houston Texans win the AFC this year. I’ve got to take them plus seven if they’re… This is the most, that’s the biggest underdog they’ll be this season. I mean, they’re not, they’re probably not gonna be any more than seven all season. At the Saints, I’m going to take Houston plus seven as my number three, and hope they can keep it close.

Ryan Knuppel: All right. And then my last one will be the last game we talked about Oakland, and a pick them. I already told you why I’m taking Oakland in a pick them to win the game. That’ll be my third one. So we’ll see how that goes. Speaking of contests, I mean we won’t talk about this each and every week because you can only sign up at the beginning of the season, but now is the time to sign up for all these contests.


Ryan KnuppelRodney Knuppel
YTD: 0-0YTD:0-0
Carolina +3Eagles -9.5
Dallas -7Seattle -9.5
Oakland PICKEMHouston +7

Ryan Knuppel: I think I listed out like 15 or 20 of them that I’m already signed up for that I’m going to be doing. I know you’re hosting a few. Give us a little, a little taste of what you got.

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, so my survivor one is obviously the big one. We’re up, I think close to $2,000 in the pool, basically you enter. So real quick you can find it on our page or on our newsletter. But go to Yahoo, go to NFL Survivor, you can use the groups, 445, 313, or 537 with the password, football, all lower case. And you can get in one per person, one per entry, and obviously all the details are there. So the payment is all there. So then what happens then is we pay out at the end, and you could be one winner of $2,000. It could be a split pot of two people.

Rodney Knuppel: Basically, you have to win each week. You guys know how survivors work, if you don’t, ask. And then I have a pick them as well, that’s on our newsletter as well. So sign up for our free newsletter and you can get all the information there. The survivors is the big one. Last year it was around $2,500 to winner and technically you can get in that until Sunday at noon. I would love if you could get in as soon as possible so I’m not scrambling, but Sunday at noon is the deadline for that.

Ryan Knuppel: Nice. And then we’re also hosting a free one for those of you that like free, we’re hosting a free [email protected] Go to survivor.knupsports.com, that’s K-N-U-P sports.com. Survivor.knupsports.com. You can sign up all the way up until I think game time on Sunday, I believe. Is that how Survivor typically works? I think it’s up until Sunday. So you have a few more days to sign up there. We’re giving away a free jersey and these jerseys are sweet. Jersey of the player of your choice to the winner of this. There’s only, what, 20-25 people in it right now. So you have a very good chance of winning this thing. So jump in there.

Ryan Knuppel: Free entry. It’s hosted over at Yahoo as well. So jump on there and do that. I mean there’s survivors all over the place. We’re actually doing a couple of super contest entries this year, but the, My Bookie ones, I wish I could do the one out in Vegas, but I’m not messing with the whole proxies and all of that stuff. So not living in Vegas makes it a little harder. But man, there’s survivors, and pick them’s, and super contests, and all of the above out there. So it is a good time of the year to sign up for a lot of that. It’s great. I absolutely love it.

Ryan Knuppel: If you’re looking for picks, I mean we do a play of the day on Knup Sports every day. I mean, I think we still have been winning at a pretty decent rate there, Rodney, is that correct?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, definitely. I mean our play of the day in August won four units, 60%, and then the last two months we’re over almost nine units at 62 and 60% and obviously, you can check all of the, on our spreadsheet, it’s right there. You know, we’ve got it all available for you. Obviously, 60% is pretty good. If you can win at 60% you’re going to win money. So, definitely have a football pick, every time there are some football games and if you look, football has actually been our money maker.

Rodney Knuppel: We are… Since we started this, the national football league, we are up 40 units in the national football league, 65% winners. So, hopefully we can continue that through the 2019 season. Just don’t look at our NHLA-

Ryan Knuppel: And again, we, and again that’s our play of the day. Knupsports.com. We just have fun with it. It’s free. We don’t, we’re not charging for anything out there. It’s just a good time. I know there are a lot of charging handicappers and pick services. One of them that I have a relationship with and I think I would recommend you guys checking out if you’re looking to pay for picks. Head out to spookyexpress.com that’s spooky.express.com. Click on platinum picks. Earl over there is crushing it. He’s been hitting that over 60% and he gives out three to seven picks every day in every sport and he’s been killing it.

Ryan Knuppel: This guy knows, he just kills it with MMA, he kills it with golf, and he’s really excited for football. So got to give a little plug to Earl at Spooky Express, if you’re looking to pay for some premium picks this football season, I would definitely recommend heading out there. That was my shameless tout. Not even for my own service, for Earl service over there. So I would do that if I were you. And then, yeah, so it’s gonna be fun, man. What else? Last last thoughts as we jump off here, Rodney?

Rodney Knuppel: Yeah, looking forward to some football this weekend. Obviously just, like they all say, just be smart with your bank bankroll. I know you love week one, but keep in mind that your goal is to try to bet with that bank roll over 17 weeks and don’t wash it down week one. If you lose a few games, you’re going to find a way to win a few after that. So be smart and enjoy your NFL betting.

Ryan Knuppel: All right, guys. Well, I appreciate everybody tuning in here. We’ll be back again. We have another one coming up soon. We’ll be back every week for this, hopefully we’ll be released Wednesday night or Thursday morning every single week. We’ll try to get that to you, so please subscribe to us on iTunes. Listen to us out there. Give us some ratings out there as well. We’d love to build up some positive ratings out there. If you like this. If not, just please don’t give a rating, but if you like it, give us a rating. You can actually find us on iTunes at knupsports.com/show/itunes so that will get you out there to our iTunes page. You can subscribe, listen on your player, all the above, so appreciate everybody tuning in. Good luck with your football betting. Good luck with your DFS. Rodney, until next week, good luck with everything you’re doing in football and we will talk to you soon.

Rodney Knuppel: Sounds good.

Ryan Knuppel: All right. Take care everyone.

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