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Show #65 – Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports Joins Us to Talk Sports, Business, Energy & Action

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On this episode, Ryan Knuppel sits down with Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports to talk about his sports marketing and creative agency. Bacon Sports helps brands get their message out there via creative content marketing.

On this episode, Ryan Knuppel sits down with Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports to talk about his sports marketing and creative agency. Bacon Sports helps brands get their message out there via creative content marketing.

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Show notes from Bacon Sports Interview

Ryan Knuppel: You are not going to want to miss this show. Today we sit down with Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports. We talk about sports marketing, we talk about business. He talks about how important energy is and much, much more.

Ryan Knuppel: Everywhere you turn. It’s the same old sports talk, the same headlines, the same news and the same boring information. This podcast is here to change all of that. We bring you hot sports takes, winning sports betting strategy and picks, reliable gaming industry news and breaking interviews with some of the biggest names in sports business. My name is Ryan Knuppel and welcome to the Knup Sports Show.

Ryan Knuppel: All right, welcome to another edition of the Knup Sports Show. My name’s Ryan Knuppel. I’m the host here with you each and every time. Man, I got a very special guest. One of the best in the business here with me today. Rob Cressy’s with me of Bacon Sports. Rob, are you with me?

Rob Cressy: I am here. I am super excited. Thanks for having me on the show.

Ryan Knuppel: Hey, very excited to have you. Hey, we’re not only doing audio with this, we’re doing a little video, so we’re taking this to the next level. This is our first video interview, Rob, so you should feel very special that you’re a pioneer in our video space. Congrats.

Rob Cressy: I feel honored.

Ryan Knuppel: Well, thanks for being here. I definitely appreciate it. Rob, one thing that really stood … I’m going to get into your background here in a second. We’ll talk a lot about what you’re doing, but before I get started, I just wanted to tell the audience why I have Rob on here and why we connected so much.

Ryan Knuppel: I connected with Rob maybe a few weeks ago, but immediately when I looked at Rob’s profile and went through some of the background that he had, I was immediately connected to what you do. I mean, you and I, think, are kindred spirits in the online entrepreneurial world. I mean, some of the stuff I was reading that you put out in terms of articles are exactly what I feel in my heart.

Ryan Knuppel: I was reading one of your articles about energy and how your 2019 word was energy and that was spot on. Rob’s in the content world. There’s a lot of things similar to what we’re doing, but he’s doing it from a very, very engaging perspective. So I’m going to let Rob talk a little bit about what Bacon Sports is, what he does, but I just wanted to give that quick background before we get started here.

Rob Cressy: I appreciate the kind words and, as we’re heading up on the end of the year right now, give one little nugget to get this party started is, think about what your one word of the year will be. There’s a reason for this. On my journey and the reason why I do what I do at Bacon Sports is, I’m very transparent about everything. I know in order for me to be successful, to work in sports, to be creative, to do what I love, that I’m going to have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do. I’ve also realized that the most important thing is, all right, what can you control?

Rob Cressy: I realize I can control two things. I can control what I learn, so my own personal development. Then, number two, I can control my mindset, how I react to things. So in looking at, what is your word of the year with energy, it’s all about intention. So by setting it and saying, “All right, energy is going to be my word of the day,” well, how in the world does that manifest itself? Well, every single day when I get my 10X planner and I plan my day, what word do I write down? Energy. Imagine the difference in saying and writing energy 365 times over the course of a year and not doing it. Which person do you think is more likely to have more energy, and remember, energy is transferable and I’m team good vibes. So by setting this, I can make my life better as well as the people who are part of my community.

Ryan Knuppel: That’s amazing. That’s amazing, man. It’s hilarious, because I coach a varsity basketball team here in Orlando, Florida. I’m an assistant coach, and our theme for the year, so with our team, we’ve started reading The Energy Bus. It’s a book called The Energy Bus. Our whole theme for the entire year has been about creating our own energy as a team, as players. Exactly like you said, we’ve been preaching to these young high school boys the way they react to things and the way that they handle situations that come upon them is so important. Not only on the basketball court, but in life as they get older, into the business world, into the entrepreneurial world. Whatever they’re going to do, energy is such a … It’s funny, because we started studying this and it’s like, man, right up my alley and I saw your article and thought, “Man this is just perfect.” I loved what you just said there about energy.

Rob Cressy: Thank you. And certainly on the basketball court, because the basketball has energy, and it’s something that Jalen Rose talks about all the time on his podcast. Because, if you think about ISO basketball, one guy, James Harden or something, he’s just shaking bacon. Boom. Takes it down to three seconds and jams up a three, as opposed to what we were seeing when the Warriors who are at their peak. Where it’s like boom, boom, boom, that ball’s got energy. Everybody else is feeling it. It’s a very simple thing for you to say, “Hey, let me teach you energy on the basketball court, but then off of it.” You’ve got team chemistry. How does that happen? You’ve got energy between the players. Now, all of a sudden, you’re like, “Oh, all right.” Then you say to the classroom, “Well, you’re going to have some energy. You’re going to be intentional about what you’re doing, so I love what you’re doing.”

Ryan Knuppel: Awesome. Awesome. Well, cool Rob. I love how you mixed in that shake and bacon there. That was a little sneaky. You got the bacon in there in the middle of the sentence, but-

Rob Cressy: Of course.

Ryan Knuppel: Awesome. Well, cool. Well, tell us a little bit about Bacon Sports. Tell us about, more from a business side. About your company, maybe about how you got started, about what you guys are up to these days.

Rob Cressy: Yeah, for sure. I started making sports seven years ago. My background was in digital advertising, sales and I was great at it. But here’s the thing, I didn’t wake up every day looking forward to slinging banner ads and text links. You can be great at something and not love doing it. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a writer and a creator. Even when I was out of college, had no job, I created my own sports blogs. I would do fantasy sports stuff for free. For me, as I went from crappy job to crappy job, I continually just had this dream of, “Man, could you imagine waking up one day and just creating sports content for a living?”

Rob Cressy: Finally, I got to a point where I said, “Listen, I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t give it a shot at making my dreams happen. I know that I belong,” because I looked at the content that was being created and it was very copy, paste, insert what’s on Deadspin or Bleacher. It was very much the aggregation model, and I was like, “I can create better original content than this.” That’s when I decided to quit my job and go all in at making my dreams happen. I started making sports as original sports comedy blog, so we are creating original sports content. We created thousands of articles, videos, podcasts, social media marketing. We got really good at building a community, so we threw some events to engage our audience that we built online, offline.

Rob Cressy: Through this all my background, remember, was in advertising, sales, so I knew how to monetize websites, but going into it with that knowledge, I knew that was not the way to make money with what I wanted to do. The challenge being, and it has certainly manifest itself over the last seven years and currently right now is, the media industry on the publishing side has gone in the wrong direction when it comes to, how do you monetize a media company? So I’m like, “All right, I’m going to build a media company that is not built on an advertising supported model, which doesn’t exist.” So the problem became, how do you monetize if you’re not monetizing your page views?” What slowly started to evolve was, I thought, “All right, well, if I’m not going to make money off of my own page views, who could I potentially create content for that needs this?”

Rob Cressy: And a little light bulb went off in my head. I’ve got a background in marketing, that’s what my degree was in college, and I was like, “Well, brands. They don’t need to monetize via banner revenue because they’re selling widgets,” or insert whatever. Guess what they’re traditionally not good at? Marketing to their fans. How do I know, because I’m on the receiving end of this. So we started to become a creative agency for brands that wanted to market to and engage sports fans. It just so happens, Ryan, how in the world do you market to someone right now? Podcasts, video, live stream, social media marketing, the exact same way that we’d build our brand for, at the time, three years. So we took all of the ways that we had built our brand and engaged the community and said, “Instead of just doing this for ourselves, we’re going to offer this service to brands that want to engage sports fans.”

Ryan Knuppel: Man, that’s amazing. Amazing backstory there. I mean, it looks like it’s been work. I mean, some of the brands that I see you working with are major brands or have worked with in the past, Buffalo Wild Wings, NASCAR. I mean, you can go down a whole list I’m sure of names. Out on I think there’s a whole list of brands that you work with, but tell us a little bit about how it is working with some of those major brands. I mean, I’m sure it’s a little different than working with our regular small website that I put together. I mean, this is a different beast that you’re working with here.

Rob Cressy: It’s interesting because, if you were to look at, “How do I land clients?” There is no specific formula other than action. The NASCAR one is probably one of the most unique sales I’ve ever done in my entire life and I’ll tell you how I did it. You know what I did? I got NASCAR to sponsor my bachelor party. That’s right. I’m sitting there and it’s like, this is, I don’t know, a few years ago. We’ve gone to Vegas a bunch of times and it was like, “All right, if you’re not just going to go and buy bottles in the club for your bachelor party, what are you going to do?”

Rob Cressy: I was like, “I want this to be something that’s interactive, unique and different.” It just so happens at the time, and this was sort of when the Bacon Sports Sports Publishing was still going very strong and someone from NASCAR’s agency had reached out to me a few months prior. They had a micro site that they were creating, so they were looking for influencers to create NASCAR-related content of which would live on this website that NASCAR would be promoting. At first I was like, “This doesn’t really interest me, because we don’t create NASCAR content. That’s not our jam.” That being said, I’ve gone to a NASCAR race before, and it is freaking awesome. It is a ton of fun.

Ryan Knuppel: Talk about energy.

Rob Cressy: I also … right. Totally, energy. I also knew that my friends would never go to a NASCAR race, but if they did, they would love it. That became my hook. So I reached back out to the agency, and I was like, “Listen, I’ve got this idea. I want NASCAR to sponsor my bachelor party. What I’m going to do is we’re going to have 15 people who are sports fans that would be considered the general population. Someone NASCAR would love to have as their audience. What we’re going to do, we’re going to show how fun and relatable NASCAR is by documenting our entire experience at the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte.” Guess what, they said, “Yes.”

Ryan Knuppel: That’s amazing.

Rob Cressy: Just like that, so my bachelor party is down there and we got access to pit road. We drove in the pace car before the race. It was absolutely freaking ridiculous., And through that, I ended up getting credentialed by NASCAR to cover NASCAR-

Ryan Knuppel: Do it again.

Rob Cressy: … when they came up to Chicago. They were like, “Hey, do you want …” And I’m like, “Of course, I’ll create NASCAR content.” So it was a very nontraditional way, but here’s a thing, I had this vision and dream and I pitched it. One of the quotes and mantras that I live by, if you don’t ask, the answer is always, “No.” So how do you land NASCAR, you ask them to sponsor your bachelor party.

Ryan Knuppel: Yeah, yeah. I think that’s amazing story, man. I mean, props to you for being able to pull that off. I mean, that just shows engaging content can go a long way. I think also, the way you stated that, if you don’t act on something, if you don’t take action, it’s never going to happen. Going back to the word of the year, I mean, I’m very similar where I’m always throwing around this stuff, these words. What’s my theme this year? What am I going to focus on? If anything, the word I worked on this year myself was action. I mean, action, act, act, act.

Ryan Knuppel: Because, you can sit there and you can learn, you can consume, you can take in information all day long. I mean, there’s podcasts, there’s … And it’s funny, because we’re delivering a lot of that information, so I’m not telling you not to listen to our stuff and consume our stuff, but at some point you’ve got to take what you’re learning and you have to act on it and just start doing, doing, doing. Even if you’re going to do it wrong. You may do it wrong, you are going to do it wrong, but you got to do it because you’re never going to learn, you’re never going to grow, you’re never going to get to the right spot if you don’t just start acting. So I love that.

Rob Cressy: Well, you nailed that 100%, and that’s my philosophy for everything that I do. So you and I as creators, I’m going to put out content that is of value to others. Here’s the nuggets of wisdom that I’ve learned along my journey that I’m going to share with you. When I listen and learn something, and take this away, this is a very important thing, you need to implement at the speed of instruction. What this means is, when you learn something, you hear something on either of our podcasts, you need to now implement this the very first time that you hear that, because now all of a sudden you become like Neo in the Matrix who can learn judo. It’s like boom, so now you’re looking out for these little nuggets of wisdom. You’re like, “Boom, that’s good. Implement this into my life.” When we as the creators can put that out there to the people, I believe that’s how good positive energy happens and good things will come to us from it.

Ryan Knuppel: Absolutely. Absolutely. Man, I hope all of you listeners are enjoying this. This is going to probably go down as one of my favorite episodes, so I hope everybody enjoys this. Let’s switch gears a little bit. I know you’re heavily into the sports betting industry. You’re really enjoying what’s all going on here in the United States with sports betting. Give us a little insight maybe to the location you live or some location that you are maybe passionate about. I don’t know if that’s New York, if that’s Illinois, what it is, but give us a little insight of what’s happening in the sports betting space, where you think it might go and maybe one of Rob Cressy’s Bacon Sports predictions of where we’re going with all this madness.

Rob Cressy: I’m incredibly bullish for obvious reasons about the sports betting landscape. It’s something that patience is going to need to be a word for the entire industry. Also, I think patience is something that we as consumers need to be aware of. A simple way to think of it is, even look at cryptocurrency and the volatility of things or the daily fantasy sports industry, maybe that’s the better one. With daily fantasy it was, we got flooded into the markets and then, all of a sudden DraftKings and Fanduel stop spending money and the media is like, “Oh my God, what’s going on to the daily fantasy industry?”

Rob Cressy: All that really was, was a big ramp up and then sort of a plateau and maybe a minor speed bump while regulations are happening. So I think the same is going to happen with sports betting. It’s going to take some time to be regulated across the United States. You’ll hear the media say a lot of both positive or probably more negative about what’s not happening. But don’t really listen to that because, in the infancy of any industry like this and certainly something that’s regulated, it takes time. One, a lot of people are going to want to get paid, so that’s probably why it’s going to take the most amount of time. But after that, just like any other business, they’re going to have to learn. For me, what I believe the biggest opportunity is, on my end, is on the marketing side of things.

Rob Cressy: I really think it’s going to be the ability for brands all the way up to the operator level, so whether it’s DraftKings, Fanduel, the William Hills of the world, one step below the content level, so the, the action networks, the RotoGrinders of the world, and then the level below that will be the brands. Buffalo Wild Wings is putting in terminals in their restaurants. So if you just take the spider web of that and says, “All right, if Buffalo Wild Wings is going to be putting sports betting in their restaurants, well, who else would want to get a piece of that action?” Then you’re like, “Well, I’m sure the alcohol industry is going to want a piece of this.” Then, you’re like, “Well, what else?” Then you have… Then you can draw out the spider web map of, who’s going to need to or want to engage sports betters?

Rob Cressy: But back to the reason why I created Bacon Sports. What are brands going to have a hard time doing? Authentically speaking, sports betting to the audience. Because, guess what? We can smell bullshit a mile away. You can’t just say, “Oh, who’s going to win this game?” You need to be able to drop minus 110 or vague or parlay or teaser because that’s way that we speak. I really think this is going to be a major problem for the larger brands because, if you think on the largest level, it’s going to be a land grab or customer acquisition. So the DraftKings in the Fanduels and the Points Bet and the William Hills, the operators. They’re going to say, “What can we do to get people to sign up and place bets with us?” The challenge being, that’s very much a commodity.

Rob Cressy: If I can choose any of them, what really differentiates one from another? It’s going to be the story that they tell, so everyone’s going to have, “Oh, reduce juice bonuses.” Or, “We’ll give you this.” Well, guess what? Welcome to the rest of our life where everything becomes Black Fridays, 20% off this. Now, and certainly this speaks to the way that my marketing philosophy is, is what is the story you’re going to tell? How are you going to engage the fans? The way that you do that is by building a community. Really, the brand should be thinking very similar to how Barstool Sports operates, irregardless of what we think of Barstool. You know what they do great, they’ve built a community where people care. Well, now what’s going to get us to care about any of these brands? Well, now you’ve got to speak to us like you and I are jamming right now.

Ryan Knuppel: Right. Right. Absolutely. Yeah, for sure, man. For sure. Hey, I know you’re on a couple of podcasts. You host a couple of podcasts. What shows do you host right now? I saw a whole list of ones that you’ve been on that you’re hosting. What are some places that people can listen to you, because I guarantee my listeners are going to ask, “Hey, where can I listen to more of Rob”?” Where at? Where can they listen to you at?

Rob Cressy: If you like sports betting, check out the Sharp 600. It’s a podcast I do for It’s twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I host a podcast called the Sports Marketing Huddle, which takes a look at a combination of sports marketing, entrepreneurship and personal development. I also host a podcast called The Game Day Playbook, which is for a company called FanFood, which does mobile, in-stadium food ordering, so like Grubhub or DoorDash, except for when you go to a football game. That is about the intersection of sports technology and fan engagement.

Ryan Knuppel: Cool man. Well, I’ll put all those links in the show notes as well and we’ll put them all out there for you. What else? Give the listeners I guess one, because it sounds like you have such a great business mind. I mean, put aside the sports, put aside the sports betting, I’m more intrigued with your business mind, because it’s really write up the same thought process and right in my alley. And so, give us another business tip. I mean, maybe for the entrepreneur startup company out there, because I think a lot of the listeners on this are probably trying to get into the sports business space. Maybe starting up some project in the sports betting space and maybe could use a little motivation or business advice. What’s one tip that maybe off the top of your head that we haven’t talked about that you could give aspiring business owners or just business owners that need to improve or looking to improve?

Rob Cressy: Yeah. There’s a book that I read that I really enjoyed called The Power of One: the Kaizen Way. It boils down to this: improvement can be done with one small action no matter how big or small. So when on any journey or business experience, you don’t have to figure the entire thing out, but what I need you to do is to take one action. Because, Ryan, I think if we both look at ourselves and we’re all fallible of this is, how many times do we overthink things or we let fear get in the way and that causes inaction? Inaction is the thing that’s going to cause your business or your personal brand to not grow. But if we take the inverse of that and you say, “All right, well, what can we do about this?”

Rob Cressy: Imagine fitness, you’re not going to the gym and you’re like, “Oh, you know what?” Some people would say, “You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to sign up for a marathon.” If you’re not going to the gym, signing up for the marathon is a pretty rash decision. But what I would recommend is I would say, “All right, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to set a timer on your phone for one minute and just do jumping Jacks air squats. Can you do that for one minute?” “Yeah, I can do that.” Boom, you get that done. You know why that’s important? Because one action builds momentum. That’s what you’re really trying to do because, the difference between inactivity, inaction, in momentum is only the smallest amount. Then once you start getting that, boom, good things start to happen.

Rob Cressy: So now as an owner, start to think about all areas of your life, and you say, “Huh, what is one small step or one small action I could take?” You want to create a podcast? Boom. Take one step in order to do that. You want to go be better at fitness, take one small step. You want to think about starting a business, read one article and commit to doing that day after day. The next thing would be consistency. Once you’ve decided, “I’m going to take one small action,” now rinse and repeat this day after day after day, because you have to have a longterm mindset about this. You’re not going to become super wealthy and live the life of your dreams overnight, so you need to have this longterm mindset that, “You know what, I’m all in.” One thing that someone told me is the concept of burning the boats.

Rob Cressy: Imagine being on an island and there is an army that you need to fight against. The best way that you’re going to win that battle is by burning the boats, and you go, “Listen, we’re all in on this. We either win this bad boy or we’re dead.” So guess what, the same mindset for entrepreneurship is one that I took, and it’s an extremely uncomfortable one. Certainly when you’re not in a position of what you believe is strength, but it is something that if you don’t have in the back of your mind, like for me there was no plan B. When I went all in on this journey, it wasn’t like, “Yeah, but I’ll fall back on …” Because my mom would always be like, “Rob, you made such good money selling digital advertising. Wouldn’t you want to do that?” And I’m like, “Mom, that life is gone for me.” So burn the boats, commit to yourself and your dreams and go all in. Take small actions consistently.

Ryan Knuppel: Great advice, great advice. Loving it, loving it, loving it. So we’re going to wrap this up here fairly soon. I know we don’t have all day, we’re busy. Busy entrepreneurs, you’ve got a lot going on in your business. But one other thing, tell me a little bit about the future of Bacon Sports. We know what you do, we know what’s going on with you guys, but what’s the future? Is there anything breaking, anything you’re looking at growing into? Tell us a little bit about the future.

Rob Cressy: Yeah, I’m super excited about the future because, I haven’t even begun where this bad boy is going to be. I mean, I’m seven years in, so in terms of burning the boats in longterm mindset, we’re just in the first inning of this. So what really has my mind right now is productizing what I do. One of the challenges of my business is, I never set out to create what would look like an agency. It just so happens that what I created has the services of an agency, and clients, it can be very cyclical. For example, I had a client that deals with baseball. When the baseball season ended, the campaign ended. So there’s no right or wrong with it, it just, that is what it is. But then the revenue goes away and you’re like, “Man, I wish there was something that smoothes things out a little bit more.”

Rob Cressy: At the same time, I’m really making an emphasis to be more helpful. As we’re sharing nuggets of wisdom on this podcast, I want to take things like this and put them into easily digestible resources that people can learn from. Online education is going to be a gigantic part of what you see moving forward from Bacon Sports. I’ve created an online video course for how to easily launch a podcast. I created an online video course on how to create a written social media and content strategy, so now I’m going to start taking the things that have helped me get to this point in the journey. Remember, at one point I had no skill set in this. I didn’t know how to podcast, video host, social media marketing, events, apparel, any of it. So if you say, “Rob had some sort of advantage,” no, I started at zero and taught myself all of this, and that is the key.

Rob Cressy: I want to take what I’ve learned for how I built this path and give people the opportunity to say, “Listen, if you want to learn how I’ve done things to build your own life of your dreams, here’s the ways that we can do so.” That’s one, is online education and through that we’ll build a thriving community of like-minded people like us that say, “Hey, we’re on these paths to build the life of our dreams, what are the ways that we can support each other? How can we learn and how can we build community?”

Rob Cressy: Then the next thing that’s on my mind is building what I’m going to call the Bacon Sports Man Cave Studio. Building out a space that is full-blown content creation capabilities, podcasts, video and live streaming. The reason for this is actually scratching my own itch, and you’ll relate to this, because of what you’re doing at this given moment. Is when I look in Chicago right now, if you said, “You know what, I don’t have any podcast in your video equipment, but I would like to create a video podcast for my company, where do I go?” So really when I looked at the marketplace, the answer was zero, this doesn’t exist, all the way up to Harpo Studios, which is what Oprah’s studio was, and something like that is going to cost 500 to $1,000 an hour.

Ryan Knuppel: Sure.

Rob Cressy: Well, that doesn’t make sense to me, because it’s not that hard and it’s not that expensive to create a studio. So I want to create it where all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh, you need a producer. Well, congratulations. This is what we do for a living.” So you create this media studio and inside of it there’s going to be TVs with games everywhere and it’s going to be a creative space and it’s going to be a space for performance. Because, as I also look at the coworking industry, I believe it’s broken.

Rob Cressy: Because I’ve worked out of WeWork and every coworking space in Chicago. You know what they all say, “We’re about creatives and we’re about community.” But guess what? I’m someone who is a creative who builds community and I know that they are neither one of those things, because I cannot shoot a podcast or a video in any of those spaces because they don’t have the equipment. Then when it comes to the community side of things, I go there and I plug in and everyone just has their headphones on sitting there and no one is talking. So to me that is not a community.

Ryan Knuppel: No, no.

Rob Cressy: So what I’m going to do is bring together sports fans and give them the ability to use the studios, if they want, and create a community for performance. So if you want to have open mic nights and you want to have live podcasts and videos, you want to work on things like this, I want to create a hub for all that.

Ryan Knuppel: Wow. Amazing, man. Amazing.

Rob Cressy: Boom shakalaka.

Ryan Knuppel: Boom, yeah. I mean, that’s amazing, dude. It’s like, again, I’m just going to keep saying it because, I mean, I really feel a business connection to what you guys are doing at Bacon Sports. We created Knup Sports out of the same. Knup Sports, Knup Solutions out of the exact same mindset that you have here. I know some of the listeners are probably looking at me and thinking, “Wait, isn’t Bacon Sports competition to Knup Solutions or Knup Sports?” My mindset on that is so different than some people in business and I wouldn’t have had you on if I looked at it as competition.

Ryan Knuppel: I look at it as, we can all help each other grow in business. There’s so much business to be had in this world and if we work more together than against each other, we can all dominate. We can all win in this space. I think there’s so much room for everybody to win, and so just connecting with you … I think after hearing what your future is and some things that you’re doing, without going into much detail here, we need to talk because I know there’s some things we can collaborate on. We can work together and two heads will be better than one on some of this stuff, so I really think we have some room to work together in the future.

Rob Cressy: 100%. I think this is an important point. That’s always been part of my mindset. When someone asked me in a video interview, “Rob, who’s your biggest competition,” you know what the answer is? Myself. I’m not worried about anybody else, that’s the dumbest thing in the world. With all of the things you have to do to be successful, to run a business, to give even a second of thought for what anybody else is doing and how that might be cutting me down, no way, because it’s your own limitations. It’s your own mindset. It’s your own action, because you have to build it and create it.

Rob Cressy: Sure, you get to a point where you’re a $500 million company. We’ll cross that path when you get there. And yes, Ryan, I’m very much looking forward to us continuing that conversation because, let this be an example of how business is done now. This is why you create a podcast. Because now, one, you and I get to connect, have another conversation and now your listeners and my audience get to hear this. Guess what, someone in either of our networks could say, “I dig what Ryan’s doing. I dig what Rob’s doing.” Who knows? Now all of a sudden there could be three or four of us doing business together, all because of this episode.

Ryan Knuppel: Beautiful. Beautiful. Man, well, I really appreciate you coming on. I won’t keep you much longer here for sake of time, but let my listeners know, where can they get ahold of you? I know you’re on Instagram. I know you’re on Twitter. You’re on LinkedIn. Actually, that’s a quick question I had for you. Do you have another minute?

Rob Cressy: Yeah, let’s do it.

Ryan Knuppel: All right, a real quick question. You’re everywhere. You’re Twitter, you’re Instagram, you’re LinkedIn, you’re podcasting, you’re videoing, how do you manage that? Because I’m similar in that concept but, tell people how you manage it. Because a lot of people can’t even keep up with one social media platform, let alone seven. What’s a tip of balancing all of that and just keeping up?

Rob Cressy: Remember Kaizen, one small step. Instead of saying, “Oh my God, the sea of social media, there’s so many things that I have to do.” If I were to say, “Hey, Ryan, your goal today is to create one LinkedIn post, do you think you can do it?” You’d be like, “Sure.” I’ll be like, “All right, write that down in your planner.” Then I’m like, “Hey man, you also trying to do something on Twitter?” And you’re like, “Yeah.” And I’m like, “All right, well, how about you do one Twitter post too?” And you’re like, “I can do that.” Then I’m like, “Ryan, you want to do something on Instagram?” And you’re like, “Yeah, I would.” “How about one thing?” But here’s the thing, that doesn’t mean the content that you create can’t be similar on all of them. I’m not recommending you taking every one of your platforms and posting the same thing at the same time, key difference.

Rob Cressy: The key is, if you spread it out, so I actually use this social media automation tool called Sprout Social that allows me to schedule things. Well, why is this important, because of organic reach. On any given platform, your audience is only going to see a small percentage of what you do. Think of this way, I’ll give you a little mindset. If you were to post something on LinkedIn at 8:00 AM and then on Twitter at 10:00 AM and then at Instagram at noon and then Facebook at 2:00, all of a sudden you’ve spaced your stuff out to your different audiences at different times there. Then I would also say, “Think about the way you create content differently. I post numerous times a day to all of the platforms.” Well, how do you do it? Here, simple. Every day I have a quote of the day that sort of primes me and gets me ready for what I do.

Rob Cressy: Well, I post that on all my social media platforms. Well, why would I do that? Because it’s very simple to throw positive vibes out there. So immediately after this, I’m going to do my morning routine. Boom, quote of the day, it’s something that I do for myself, but if I can share it with others, guess what? I get engagement on that stuff. So boom, there’s a very simple thing and then it’s like, “Oh, I’m on this podcast with Ryan.” You send me the link to this. I’m not going to post it on there. Now there’s two simple things. So really it’s about strategy. That’s the simplest thing. When you don’t know the blueprint for what to do, it’s difficult. You wouldn’t build a house without having a blueprint, so why would you run your social media without having a strategy for how you can execute it? Because, remember, we spend so much time in our heads thinking about taking action, not taking the action.

Ryan Knuppel: Interesting.

Rob Cressy: So if you can say, “If I have the roadmap where it goes, Ryan goes, one post, one post, one post, one post, one post, check, check, check, check, do it all,” boom. That’s how you get it done.

Ryan Knuppel: That’s it. That’s it. It sounds like you’re a student of some very influential marketers. I already heard the 10X planner, Grant Cardone. I hear a little bit of GaryVee in there, some concepts that some of those guys teach. Good stuff man.

Rob Cressy: Of course. I’m a student of the game, of things. I’ll leave you with this. The number one thing that you can do to become successful is find a love of reading. I read for 30 minutes first thing in the morning, every single day for the last seven years. You know why that is? Because every day my goal is to make today better than yesterday. I know that if I’ve learned by reading then today is automatically better than yesterday. But Rob, I don’t have time to read. You know when you always have time, first thing in the morning. Rob, but I’ve got to go to work and I’ve got kids and stuff. Wake up 30 minutes earlier. Oh my God, but I’m not a morning person.

Ryan Knuppel: [inaudible 00:35:56]

Rob Cressy: All right. Do you want to live the life of your dreams and be successful or do you want to be a sheep like everybody else?

Ryan Knuppel: Exactly. Cool man. Great stuff. So back to it, where can we find you? Well, give us some of your handles. I’m assuming it’s pretty simple to find you, but where can we find you?

Rob Cressy: You can hit me up on all social media platforms at Rob Cressy. You can also check out Or if you want to get down in jam, hit me up,

Ryan Knuppel: All right, buddy. Man, super impressive interview here. I know everybody on this is going to love it. I’m so glad we got a video. I am so jealous of your background that that’s going to be number one task, my one task, finish my studio and get something sweet behind me. Because, right now, I’m looking at this board and it’s bugging me. I need something like baseball cards behind me like you guys. Congrats on all the success, man. I thank you for being here. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Rob Cressy: Thanks for having me on, Ryan. I really enjoyed this.

Ryan Knuppel: All right, buddy, take care. Have a good one.

Ryan Knuppel: Thanks for listening to this episode of the Knup Sports Show. If you enjoyed this podcast, please consider subscribing to our iTunes channel today. Plus, visit us at for more pics, previews, strategy, and news. That’s

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