Ryan & Rodney are back to talk football each and every week. To kick things off they sit down and talk Miami vs. Florida and Arizona vs. Hawaii for week 1 of the 2019 college football season.

Show notes:

Ryan Knuppel: 00:00 Hey, hey, hey. What’s up, everybody? Welcome to The Knup Sports Show. My name is Ryan Knuppel. I’m hosting your show here, The Knup Sports Show. We appreciate you tuning in each and every week, or each and every day, whenever we are on here. Today, I’m joined by my brother, my cohost, my partner in crime, Rodney Knuppel. Rodney, are you with me?

Rodney Knuppel: 00:17 Yeah, what’s going on? Looking forward to some football. We’re finally there. That was like the longest summer ever with no football. When the only thing you can bet on is baseball, it’s just not a lot of fun. Finally, looking forward to some football coming up Saturday. Saturday, college football action already.

Ryan Knuppel: 00:34 Absolutely, man. At the time of this recording, we’re sitting here Wednesday afternoon, but we have a couple of days. We have a few games on Saturday and then the next week we really get into it with college going full force and then the following week I think we have NFL coming up full force, so yeah man, I’m with you. It’s kind of being in the sports industry. It’s kind of a relief when you get to the summer because you’re like, “I can breathe, I don’t have to think sports every single second”, but then after like a month of that, it’s like, “Man, this is boring. Where is this world without football and basketball and all of the above going on?” I am ready. I can’t wait for it to kick back off. We all know how much fun football is, especially for us here with Knup Sports. We love to cover all of this stuff and just talk, and so I think you’ll see us back here.

Ryan Knuppel: 01:23 This Knup Sports show, we’ve kind of transitioned it. We really morphed into kind of a interview-type show. We’re talking to industry experts, but we also like to bring you sports stuff as well, so we’re going to make sure we include some of these type of podcasts where we just talk sports. We’ll keep them pretty short, 20, 25 minutes, something like that, but each week we will be here so make sure you subscribe. Find is on iTunes, subscribe to The Knup Sports Show. We will give you some value. That’s all we’re going to do is talk football, give some value, hopefully have some picks, and go from there.

Ryan Knuppel: 01:55 Rodney, again, I’m excited to get going. How was your summer, though? Everything been good over the summer? I know you went to a few Cardinal games. You had a huge run there with the St. Louis Blues. You went to some of those games, but overall, how was the summer?

Rodney Knuppel: 02:11 Yeah, a good summer, man. I spent a lot of time in St. Louis, actually. Went to all three Stanley Cup Final games in St. Louis and thought maybe I’d have a chance to see the Cup actually be won in St. Louis in Game 6 and they laid an egg there, but then went back to the parade. Spent a lot of time in June in St. Louis at that. I’m a big Blues fan and seeing them win the Stanley Cup was fantastic. The Cardinals games, they’re hitting this. Baseball is one of those things, you get hot and then you don’t, and then you get hot and then you don’t, and by the end it’s like, “Okay, September is here. Where are you at?” That’s kind of where you’re at with baseball. Like, “Let’s start really figuring out what’s going on here.”

Rodney Knuppel: 02:52 Around here where I’m at, Cubs-Cardinals big. I know we’re not necessarily talking a whole lot of baseball today, but Cubs-Cardinals play seven of their last 10 games against each other in September, and right now they’re just a half game apart. September 19, 20, 21, 22 in Chicago, and then the 27, 28, and 29 in St. Louis to finish the season should be fun if you’re a pennant, a division winner chaser, if you like that stuff. That’s been fun.

Rodney Knuppel: 03:23 Around Knup Sports, the play of the day has gone pretty well. We’ve had some pretty successful months if you’re not following that. Just get on our newsletter, it’s free, knupsports.com. You can figure out the newsletter, but in August, excuse me, in July we won nearly five units, which if you’re looking at a 31-day month, that’s not bad, winning five units, winning 62% of our games. Our overall total is somewhere around 55%. We’d like for it to be a little bit better, but the 62% in July, if you were following along there, then you certainly made some money. Follow along there, knupsports.com, the free pick of the day and we do update that every day. Looking forward to continuing that with football going on here in the next four months or so.

Ryan Knuppel: 04:09 Yeah, man, I think we’re on two or three years straight of doing a play every single day, and so definitely follow that. If you go to that direct URL you can subscribe to that. It’s the free email that goes out. Also, one of my partners in crime over at Spooky Express, they do a nice pick service over there. It is not a free pick service, it’s more of a paid service, so if you’re looking to invest some money in picks, go over to there. Earl over there does a great job with picks. We’re not here to market these necessarily, but just throwing those out there. Those are both available to you.

Ryan Knuppel: 04:47 We’re going to be all over the place with this podcast because we’re just kind of getting back into it. One other thing I wanted to ask you while we have people on the line, one thing that we’ve been doing a lot of is talking the legal U.S. industry news and talking about the different states that are coming onboard and just really following that industry. If you follow, Ryan Knuppel over on LinkedIn, I do a lot of stuff out there and I’m talking about every move in this industry.

Ryan Knuppel: 05:15 Rodney, what I wanted to ask you is I know you actually went over to Iowa on their opening day. I know you didn’t have the best experience ever, but I wondered if you could shed a little light on the couple of places you went when they had their Sportsbook open on August 15th?

Rodney Knuppel: 05:30 Yeah.

Ryan Knuppel: 05:31 What was that like? Were the Sportsbooks like glamorous and big like you would think in Vegas? Or was it kind of a lower type atmosphere? What were your thoughts on that?

Rodney Knuppel: 05:41 Well, so a little backstory. I went over there intending on going to the ELITE Sportsbook in Davenport. Got, I don’t know, about 25 minutes out from the Quad Cities. If you’ve ever been to Quad Cities, there’s obviously four cities there. There’s Rock Island, Moline, Davenport, and Bettendorf. I got a notification that the ELITE Sportsbook wasn’t quite going to be opening at noon like the anticipation, so Iowa was legal noon on the 15th of August. ELITE Sportsbook there at the aisle was going to open at noon. Well, they had some complications and they said all along that they were pending, “Pending Iowa Gaming Association”, whatever, they were pending. I was like, “Well, that’s not good”, but then I saw that Bettendorf was actually just a couple of minutes closer, and that’s a William Hill casino or Sportsbook.

Rodney Knuppel: 06:33 Obviously, the William Hill name speaks for itself. I kind of wanted to see a different one just to see what the ELITE one looked like, but so I went over to the William Hill one in Bettendorf and they had a nice little ceremony. If you’re from Iowa, which I’m not, I’m from Illinois, but if you’re from Iowa, you probably really, really like this because it was your mayor, your governor, your representative and they had a ribbon cutting and they made a few first official bets. The mayor made a bet, the governor made a bet, and they were, “I’m going to take the Hawkeyes.” What do you have in Iowa besides the Hawkeyes?

Rodney Knuppel: 07:10 They did that and then they opened it up. Kind of the problem was is that their app was not working quite at that time. I don’t know why you’re going to open this up and not have the app ready. They wanted you to sit down if you wanted to open a new account with pen and paper. It kind of turned me off a little bit there, and you weren’t able to make a sports bet without having an account, so got turned off a little bit there. I was able to make a small bet or two. Bet on the Cardinals, they lost that night, whatever.

Rodney Knuppel: 07:41 Anyway, that happened and then I did find out the ELITE Sportsbook did open on August 15th, I just haven’t gotten over there yet. One more thing for me, being here in Illinois, Hammond, Indiana, is actually opening up September 4th and that is just outside of Chicago. It’s like Chicago people could literally like ride their bike over there. Illinois is kind of getting a hand on both sides and Illinois is just screwing this up period. They got neighbors to the east, neighbors to the west, and they can’t figure it out and so people are just going to go east and west and say, “Forget you, Illinois.” I’m going to try to go to Hammond, Indiana, on September 4th.

Ryan Knuppel: 08:18 I noticed that they were… I think I posted something this morning about how they were going to capitalize on Illinois’ Chicago traffic there, at least early on. Obviously, Illinois will figure it out at some point, but here for football season, I know Indiana is chomping at the bits to get started. It sounds like they’re on their way. A lot out of news out of the Midwest, not a lot elsewhere in the nation right now. We have obviously New Jersey, Pennsylvania, some of those established states that are ready for football season. I’m still itching to get some of these big states with Florida, California, Texas, some of those to come onboard, obviously, Illinois once they figure it out, just to see how those all go. It’s an interesting and a fun time for the sports betting industry.

Ryan Knuppel: 09:02 What we may do with this actually, we may dedicate a whole show to talking about the different states and maybe go state by state and kind of talk through them at some point. That would be a fun episode I think, but for today, let’s go ahead and move on. I really want to talk football here and I don’t want this to go long, long, long, so let’s jump into this weekend. We have the first two college football games finally are here. The first game, it hits home to me. I’m here in Orlando, Florida, and the opening game is at Camping World Stadium here in Orlando with two of the heavyweights out of Florida, University of Florida versus Miami. What a game to start with if you’re a Florida football fan for sure.

Rodney Knuppel: 09:41 Certainly, and they don’t like each other and they both have high expectations. As high as expectations as number eight in the country for Florida. You know how college football works. You lose your first week and your National Championship hopes are pretty much gone. That’s kind of the part that sucks about it. Florida, being the eighth-ranked team, I always say like the top 15 teams ranked have a chance because if you’re not top 15, you’re probably not going to get a chance because you’re not going to be ranked high enough. Well, Florida looks like they have a chance. They were 10-3 last year. They actually won the Peach Bowl. They blew out Michigan 41-15. They have their quarterback back, Feleipe Franks. Threw for nearly 2500 yards last year, and Dan Mullen is their head coach, and if you remember right, Dan Mullen used to coach with Manny Diaz, who is the Miami coach now, as his assistant twice.

Ryan Knuppel: 10:35 Wow.

Rodney Knuppel: 10:36 Two different occasions at Mississippi State. There is a connection there. Another side, I’ll just briefly go over Miami. Miami started pretty well last year. Obviously, got whipped by LSU, but then won five in a row, but then lost four in a row and ended 5-5. That’s when Mark Richt, their head coach, kind of said, “Well, I’m done.” Won the last two and then got blown out at New York City in the Pinstripe Bowl. They finished the season 7-6. Kind of looking ahead at this year, I think it can be a pretty defensive game and I think that it might benefit the underdog and I just look at if you’re going to go Week One, you’re going big rivals. You’re going new coach. You’re going a guy that is familiar with the head coach. I get it, the head coach will be familiar with the assistant coach. I’m going with the underdogs. I’ll just say it right now. If you’re going to give me seven and a half points, especially with that half, if you’re giving me seven and a half points, I’m taking Miami in a rivalry game and I guess.

Ryan Knuppel: 11:36 As well. On a neutral field, I think I’m with you on the taking the points here. Plus, what’s funny is you think Miami-Florida probably play all the time. They don’t. They’ve only played twice in the last 10, 11 years, and typically it’s not a matchup that they play each other. They played in 2013 and they played in 2008. Those are the last two meetings and traditionally, I’m just looking at the previous… I think they used to play in the 2000s quite a bit, but traditionally Miami whooped Florida. Just being a rivalry game, I think seven and a half points is quite a bit as well. I’d like to… obviously, I’m kind of leaning Gators just because I like the Gators a little bit, but man, I think my brain is saying, “Pick Miami plus the seven and a half”, and this one on a neutral field.

Ryan Knuppel: 12:25 There’s going to be so many emotions and just the hype around it is going to be huge, and so I’m excited to see it, but I think you’re right, Miami. With those two coaches knowing each other, they’re going to kind of know the tendencies that they like to go at and they have similar tendencies, just learning from the same type of head coaches and stuff as well.

Rodney Knuppel: 12:44 Yeah, and I guess just looking forward, if Miami thinks they’re really good, then obviously… Obviously, everyone has to win their Week One, but they have a favorable schedule because out of the ACC, they actually don’t play Clemson this year, so at North Carolina, but North Carolina hasn’t been good in football for a long time, but then They’ve got four straight games. Virginia Tech is the best team there. Virginia Tech is down. They go to Florida State, which obviously would be the rivalry game. They go to Duke, but if you’re going to be a National Champion, then that’s not a team that should trip you up. If you’re looking at Miami, it’s like, “Okay, if we can get past this game, we might have a chance looking at October being of being 5, 6-0 and really rising in the rankings.”

Rodney Knuppel: 13:27 Big game, obviously a big game for both teams. I was reading something where you can’t get a ticket for anything less than about 250 right now, which again, a huge rivalry game in college football. It may not be that much, but Week One, game one, that’s kind of a big deal. I’m looking forward to that in Orlando.

Ryan Knuppel: 13:43 I’ll probably watch it for free on ESPN that night and go from there. The total set at 47. Any thoughts on total in this one?

Rodney Knuppel: 13:51 Yeah, I think it’s going to be a defensive game. Both guys have defensive minds. Miami didn’t score a ton last year if you look at some of their scores. They just weren’t a high-scoring team. I’m trying to look over Virginia Tech, they totaled 52, but some of these other games, 48, 32, 41, they just weren’t a very great offensive team. Florida recently hasn’t been fantastic offensively. If I had to lean one, I would probably say the under and go something like 24-20, but I don’t know if I’ll take the total. I like Miami plus seven and a half more than I like that total.

Ryan Knuppel: 14:28 Cool. Well, it should be a lot of fun. That’s coming up on Saturday, 7 o’clock Eastern Time in Orlando, Florida. Should be awesome. Now, fast forward later that night. We have one other game to cover. We won’t talk much about this one, but we just talked defense, this one should have some offense. The total of this one is 74. We got Arizona at Hawaii, the Rainbows. Actually, I don’t know, is this at Hawaii or is this a neutral field? I haven’t looked at this that closely yet.

Rodney Knuppel: 14:52 Yeah, it’s in Hawaii.

Ryan Knuppel: 14:53 In Hawaii, so there you go. Get to go to Hawaii. Arizona favored by 11. Total of 74. You like the Rainbows at all in this one? Or what are you liking in this one?

Rodney Knuppel: 15:03 Yeah, I think I do. They’ve shown over the last couple of years that they can be a better football program. They were pretty bad for several years, but at home, I know it’s just Arizona, which isn’t the worst traveling situation there, but anytime you got to go to Hawaii, it’s not an easy trip for anybody to fly over there, to be there for whatever amount of days that they have to… I’m guessing Arizona is there now. I haven’t been following their track, but Arizona is a team that can really score. They scored 31 and gave up 32 last year. They’ve got that Khalil Tate, who obviously threatened to leave, was going to leave and then came back. It’ll be interesting to see kind of how he does and what Hawaii’s defense… I don’t know if Hawaii has an answer for them, and then on Hawaii’s side, they’d like to open up the game. If you look at some of their scores last year, they gave up 50-60 Utah State, 50 to Fresno. I guess the case would be can Hawaii keep up to keep that toll going, but I lean yes, and I lean Hawaii covers… What did you say, 11, 11 and a half?

Ryan Knuppel: 16:11 11 and a half [crosstalk 00:16:11]-

Rodney Knuppel: 16:11 Whatever it is [crosstalk 00:16:12]-

Ryan Knuppel: 16:12 It’s in that range, yep.

Rodney Knuppel: 16:13 And then the total… I’ll go ahead and take the over and just think we’re going to go at it like 40-35… What’s the number exactly? 70-

Ryan Knuppel: 16:23 77 I think I saw [crosstalk 00:16:25]-

Rodney Knuppel: 16:26 We’re [crosstalk 00:16:26] going to have to go with something like 42-38. I think that’s doable [crosstalk 00:16:29]-

Ryan Knuppel: 16:29 74. No, it’s 74. It’s 74 now, so-

Rodney Knuppel: 16:31 74, so you’re looking at if you could go 40-35, I think it’s doable. They scored 41 points a game last year.

Ryan Knuppel: 16:39 Right, exactly.

Rodney Knuppel: 16:41 I think I would take Hawaii in the over in that one.

Ryan Knuppel: 16:44 I’m leaning Hawaii as well. That’s a couple of underdogs for us. Both agreement, I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but we’re agreeing a couple of underdogs on opening Saturday. Man, I just can’t wait. This is going to be fun. This is just that time of year. It’s actually kind of fun that they only have a couple because it just kind of gets your feet wet, right? It’s like a little taste of it, and then boom on Thursday. There’s a whole number of games Thursday. Probably more games Friday, and then Saturday there’s a whole… obviously some great games Saturday that’ll come on, and then it just goes from there.

Ryan Knuppel: 17:18 Man, I’m excited. Any other last thoughts about this weekend’s game or anything in general?

Rodney Knuppel: 17:24 No, not really. I guess the best part is the NFL. We’re at preseason week three, which is a good sign because that means you’re starting to see some of the better players, and that also means that next week is the last week of preseason because preseason football sucks. It just does and it’s impossible to bet on. Degenerates do, but then you get the NFL, and Thursday Night Football between the Bears and Packers is going to be awesome. Looking forward to the NFL to get going here soon, too.

Ryan Knuppel: 17:52 Definitely, and on that note, we actually for you NFL fans, we run a Survivor Contest. It’s free to play. We give out a free jersey to the winner, so we’ve done this three or four years in a row. I think it’s at survivor.knupsports.com that you can find that, or if you can’t find it, shoot us a message on any of the social media platforms and we’ll get you all signed up for that. Again, it’s free to play, so we’d love to have as many of you join as possible, and if you don’t know what Survivor is, then you have been living under a rock for the last several years because it’s a popular contest around the NFL. I can’t wait to join some of your contests, Rodney. I know you host a handful just personally, and then just being a part of the NFL season is just a whole other beast. I love it. I can’t wait. Fantasy, daily fantasy, betting.

Ryan Knuppel: 18:38 Rodney, it’s going to be a fun year. Any last words here as we jump into football season?

Rodney Knuppel: 18:44 No, not really, just I guess if your state is legal, play in the United States. I understand you’ve probably been playing elsewhere for a long time and you have money dedicated elsewhere, but go enjoy your local Sportsbooks. If you have it, use it. That’s what it’s here for and I think we as the sports betting community need to make sure that we are keeping these U.S. books doing all right. I guess we want to keep it in the United States I think is the big key. Here in Illinois, not legal, there in Florida, not legal, but do the best you can maybe to try to keep the American ones going and see where this takes us.

Ryan Knuppel: 19:24 Absolutely. It’s a fun time. It’s definitely going to be a fun year in football and everything else. Hey, we’re going to do this each and every week, Rodney. I plan on getting with you every Wednesday, Thursday sometime and we will continue delivering value to all you listeners. Appreciate you guys all tuning in. Please subscribe to us on iTunes. Please rate us, rank us, whatever you can do to kind of spread the word. We’d love to grow this show a little bit and we will bring many shows because I’m going to do some other interviews. We’re going to talk a lot of football. We’ll talk legal sports betting. We’ll talk all sorts of things.

Ryan Knuppel: 19:58 Thank you all for tuning in. Appreciate it. Rodney, thanks for joining me as always and we will [crosstalk 00:20:02] talk to you soon.


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