The FIFA World Cup knockout stages would be epic, and only the best teams in the competition would make it into the knockout rounds. We can be sure that each of the 32 teams would want to be part of the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and final match. However, only a few can make it.

The objective is to get as many three points as possible in the group stage games. Each team has the chance to get nine points. So, winning is essential to their progress in the competition. As we prepare for the FIFA World Cup, these are the four teams we would back to go all the way in the competition.


The defending champions are one of the best teams going into this competition. They have a budding squad that is experienced in winning the tournament.

Although they would be missing N’golo Kante and Paul Pogba, two of their key players in 2018, they still have incredible talents to fill in the gap left by the two midfielders.

In that case, France will break the champions’ cause and go far in this competition. It would take luck and determination to beat the French team at the FIFA World Cup.

Also, no nation has won back-to-back World Cup trophies in many decades. So, it is a challenging task for the team.


Every FIFA World Cup has had Brazil as one of the top contenders. Although they haven’t won the competition since 2002, they remain the most formidable nation at the FIFA World Cup.

They are consistently good and would bring incredible talent to the tournament. We expect the team to go far.

They are in a group they will most likely win, meaning they have the chance to make it into the knockout rounds. The team remains at the top of their game because they would have incredible talents representing them at the FIFA World Cup. So, they would go far in this competition.


The Three Lions are a talented team with growing numbers of youngsters. The World Cup will see England give some top players their first chance at the competition.

These players will want to make a name for themselves and would want to push the team further than their fourth-place finish in the last FIFA World Cup.

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This year, Argentina will want to win the competition and add to their tally. Aside from that, the Argentina team will want to help Messi win his first World Cup trophy to conclude an illustrious career. He was close to winning it in 2014, but Germany got the title.

In addition, Argentina is going to the World Cup with a 35-game unbeaten record. So, this might just be their time to win the competition for the first time in the 21st century.