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Best January Transfer Window Signings

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February is upon us, which means it’s time to examine the best moves in the transfer window that occurred this January in the world of soccer.

The world football January transfer window has wrapped up, and this has been one of the most spent January transfer windows of all time. The January transfer window is typically used to get one or two players to make that next level push for the goals that clubs are trying to achieve by the end of the season. This year though, it seemed as though there were clubs that have completely rebuilt their squad in January, a true rarity in this month.

Just in the Premier league, teams spent a billion dollars. This has caused other leagues, such as La Liga, to lash out saying that the Premier League teams are cheating with all of this influx of money being spent on transfers. However, regardless of whether this excessive amount of spending is good or bad for the game, these are the teams that benefited the most from the January signings.

Yann Sommer- Bayern Munich

German Giants Bayern Munich are in a title race for the Bundesliga title, a closer title race than they have faced for most of the last decade. However, when goalkeeper Manuel Neuer went down with a leg injury, it looked like the Bavarian Giants were finally going to be toppled.

However, Bayern, as they do, were Swift and effective in the January transfer window, acquiring Borussia Mochengladbach superstar goalkeeper Yann Sommer. With Sommer holding down the goalkeeping position, it gives Bayern the strength to once again win the Bundesliga.

Joao Cancelo- Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich easily had one of the best transfer windows in the world. Chelsea may have spent over 400 million in the transfer window, but it was Bayern who made the most of their moves in January. Cancelo had fell out of favor with the Manchester City starting 11, and with Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, with rumors circulating that there was altercations between the two. Whether that is true or not, it is unmistakable that Bayern got one of the best fullbacks in all of the league at a great price.

Leandro Trossard – Arsenal

Leandro Trossard was one of the biggest bright stars of the incredible season that Brighton is having. Many didn’t expect Trossard to make a move until the summer, with many of the top Premier League teams looking at him.

However, in a somewhat of a shock, after the Mudryk deal fell through, Arsenal decided to go out and get a replacement, arguably and even better one at a far cheaper price in Trossard, who is already showing that he was the right man to pick.

Mykhailo Mudryk – Chelsea

Through all the spending that Chelsea did, the best piece of work was to sign Mudryk, a player that everyone thought was going to arch rivals Arsenal. There’s many players to pick from when it comes to the Blues and they’re spending this January, but Mudryk has made an immediate impact, looking like he is going to be a star in this league.

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