This new era of Premier League has brought some of the best talent the game and league have ever seen. This generation of modern talent has gone beyond expectations and proven to be some of the best players in the world. What’s more interesting about this list is that these players were underdogs at one point and didn’t have the crazy high expectations that they’re meeting now.

Here’s my list of the best three Premier League players in the last 5 years in no particular order:

Mohammed Salah

Salah has proven to be one of the best Wingers that the Premier League has seen. His attacking and goal scoring presence has helped this Liverpool team win their first Premier League title, capture another Champions League trophy, and turned Liverpool into one of the best teams in the world.

In the early 2010’s, Salah started his career in the Premier League at Chelsea before being moved to the Italian League. Salah was simply a rotation player for Chelsea and nobody saw the potential in him that they now see.

In 2017, Liverpool bought Salah for over $40 million from Roma. In his first Premier League season with Liverpool, Salah went on to score 32 league goals and has since become a top 3 scorer in the league almost every year since.

Salah has established himself as one of the all time greats for Liverpool and the Premier League for the turnaround he had.

Harry Kane

Kane has been one of the most lethal Strikers in the English game. His scoring ability and leadership has given the Spurs an identity in this time. Being brought up from the Spurs academy program, his loyalty to his club is one that we don’t see much of anymore. Even for such a high caliber player, his time at Spurs has seen little to no silverware.

Kane is currently 3rd all time for Premier League goals with a count of 204 goals. He is 5 goals away from passing Wayne Rooney for second on the list. It’s crazy to think such a goal scoring machine has not won trophies with his club.

Kevin De Bruyne

Arguably one of the greatest Midfielders of this generation. De Bruyne is an absolute passing and scoring machine! His role at Manchester City has helped this team win multiple league titles and become a world class team.

Having a current count of 61 goals and 98 assists in the Premier League has shown why he is one of the most dangerous midfielders in the Premier League. It has been a pleasure to watch him on the ball and witness the magic De Bruyne is able to produce.