The 2024 Euros is coming sooner than we think. As teams prepare to get their squads prepared, we could be in for a lot of excitement till then. The event will be in Germany and should prove to be a great host nation.

Here’s an early preview into some of the favorites to win the 2024 Euro.

France +500

After performing unbelievably in the World Cup with an injured squad, France looks to leap back into their championship form soon.

By this tournament, Kylian Mbappe will be Captain of his nation. Mbappe has proven to be France’s key to success. Since his arrival he has led them to win the World Cup in 2018 along with being The finalist in the 2022 World Cup.

Mbappe could seriously lead this new generation of French talent to glory next Summer.

England +600

The English seem to improve their playing ability every tournament under Gareth Southgate. They finished as the finalist in the last Euros, losing to Italy on penalties in their home stadium Wembley.

England are looking to take it a notch higher and claim their first international trophy since winning the World Cup in 1966.

This young England squad is maturing extremely well and showing world class playing abilities. This could also be Harry Kane’s last major tournament for England as a prime player.

I expect England’s young stars to be some of the world’s best by the time this tournament rolls around and should see them have an impressive run in this tournament.

Germany +550

German Soccer has been disappointing since 2014. After failing to qualify past the Group Stage in the last two World Cup’s and an early exit in the 2020 Euros, this team is in danger.

They are going through a transition where their young players aren’t capable enough to lead success. I do see these odds being a bit high for a weak German team that has lost its identity.

Germany should not be a top favorite going into next Summer’s tournament and I can see them continuing to struggle.

Portugal +1100

Portugal is very much an underdog side. Led by an older Cristiano Ronaldo, this team is filled with young stars and great defenders who can play at such a high level.

Portugal has a new generation of talent that will see them continue to rise. I expect this new era of talent to find more success in the years to come and it may start at the 2024 Euro.

Spain +750

Spain has officially entered a generation of talent. Led by young star Pedri, this team is stacked with some underrated talent.

After Spain’s loss to Morocco in the World Cup, Luis Enrique was released of his duties. We could see this squad change direction under a new manager and they have enough time to get things sorted.

Spain still needs to show that they are capable enough with their squad depth to take it up a notch.

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