When you hear the last name Rodman, do you think of NBA star Dennis Rodman? Let’s associate the last name to a different Rodman, Trinity.

Trinity is making a name for herself despite her relation to Dennis Rodman, her father.

She is forgoing her own destiny, a destiny that is destine for great success. At 18, Rodman made history by becoming the youngest player to turn pro. With the USNWT roster recently being announced it is safe to say that Rodman will be taking her talents to help lead the American women to victory during the CONCACAF W Championship.

The future of USWNT looks bright with the addition of Trinity Rodman

The future of USWNT looks bright with Rodman leading the new generation of talented female soccer players. Let’s look at how she got where she is today.

At four years old Trinity began playing soccer. Before committing to play for Washington State, she would spend most of her time playing soccer for SoCal Blue. She would then go to compete in Elite Club Nationals in which she would continue on a 5-year streak as a national champion.

Unfortunately due to Covid she never competed as a student-athlete before forgoing her eligibility. But the risk paid off, she became the youngest drafted women’s player in the 2021 NWSL Draft.

The world witnessed just how special of a player Rodman was. Just within 10 minutes of her debut, Trinity launched the ball past the goalie solidifying why she was the second overall pick despite never playing a single collegiate game.

All eyes were on her at this moment. She finished her rookie season with 7 goals and 6 assists, of course leading the rookies in scoring. Some would think she would be at a disadvantage due to her lack of experience and being the youngest but Trinity Rodman has proven why she was is a force to be reckoned with.

Her athleticism, her technical abilities, and her speed are all attributes that make Trinity who she is. These attributes contributed to what may have been the final puzzle piece of her gaining the title of the 2021 Rookie of the Year. She was the spark that changed everything against the Red Stars on Nov. 2021. She might have been a rookie but she played like an experienced veteran.

The future of women’s soccer is truly bright and it starts with young athletes such as Trinity Rodman. Trinity is now the highest-paid player in the history of NWSL, surpassing USWNT legends Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe.

Rodman will be essential to the growth and overall development of the new age of USWNT. She has shed the idea that she is not just the daughter of rebounding great Dennis Rodman, she is more than that.

Trinity is the youngest woman to turn pro for the NWSL, she is the highest-paid player in women’s soccer, she is rookie of the year, a player for the USWNT, and she is going to continue to add to the ever-growing list of accomplishments