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How Could Kylian Mbappe Joining a New Team Affect PSG?

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According to multiple reports, Kylian Mbappe wants to depart PSG in January. This could have a massive effect on PSG and soccer in general.

Kylian Mbappe is undoubtedly one of the best players in the world. He has already scored 11 goals in 12 games this season, and has scored 143 goals in 192 Ligue 1 games so far during his career.

Before the most recent summer transfer window began, there were rumors that Mbappe could possibly depart Paris Saint-Germain to play for Real Madrid. However, this summer Mbappe agreed to a contract extension. Despite signing a contract extension, multiple reports on Tuesday stated that Mbappe wants to leave PSG during the January transfer window.

How Would Mbappe Departing Affect PSG?

Currently, PSG is one of the favorites to win this year’s Champions League and to win Ligue 1 for the second season in a row. If Mbappe joined a new team in January, PSG would be much less likely to win both competitions.

Mbappe is currently tied for the team lead in Ligue 1 goals with Neymar; both players have scored eight goals in the league so far this season. In addition, Mbappe leads the team in Champions League goals with four, scoring his most recent goal on Tuesday afternoon against Benfica.

Last season, Mbappe led the team in goals in the Champions League before PSG was eliminated in the Round of 16. When the team reached the semi-finals of the competition in 2020, Mbappe tied Mauro Icardi for the team lead in goals in the competition with five.

This season Mbappe is tied for the lead in goals in Ligue 1 with Terem Moffi and Neymar. Mbappe has led Ligue 1 in goals every season since 2017-18, and has scored more than 20 goals in Ligue 1 in every season since 2018-19; including 28 Ligue 1 goals last year.

Overall, Mbappe has helped PSG to be one of the best teams in the world during his time in Paris. If he departs the team it could dramatically affect PSG at the end of this season and in the future.

Which Teams Could Sign Mbappe?

If Mbappe does depart PSG in January, he will have an opportunity to choose between several teams. Before last summer, it seemed likely that Mbappe would play for Real Madrid, and that could be one of the teams he could join this January.

Multiple teams besides Real Madrid will likely attempt to sign Mbappe if he does depart PSG in January. Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Liverpool, FC Barcelona, and others could all attempt to sign Mbappe.

It is unlikely that Mbappe will depart PSG in January. The team will likely be in the Round of 16 in the Champions League and have an opportunity to win Ligue 1 yet again. However, one of the main storylines of the rest of this season and next summer’s transfer window could be where Mbappe plays in the future.

Mbappe is one of the best players in the world, and if he leaves PSG to join a new team it will dramatically affect PSG, the Champions League, and Ligue 1. He would significantly improve whichever team he joins, and his decision could have a massive effect on the next several seasons of soccer.

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