Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp is one of the most beloved persons in modern football. The writer of these lines has a few favorites, and the German is among them as well. But his recent cry for help was something that provoked the reaction from the other side.

KnupSports is a place where you won’t find any compromises. We are all about sports in its purest form, and if you noticed, each and every opinionated article here comes straight from the heart. This one will be the same.

About Klopp. We think that the German manager created one of the most appealing approaches and tactics in today’s football. His high pressing with man coverage is still the most effective weapon against slow-paced teams, especially those who prefer defensive-minded games.

The way Borussia Dortmund used to, and how Liverpool plays now, is exciting, and there aren’t too many fans who don’t love to see the Reds taking the pitch.

We are not going to praise the 54-year old anymore but get to the point. He was all over the media these days, complaining about the Saudi takeover in Newcastle, mentioning all sorts of things, starting with the human rights in that country, up to the fact that the Magpies might rule football in the next 20 years with the resources they have.

Hypocrisy in Jurgen Klopp's Cry for Help

We will not go into whether this is true or not, but Klopp’s action really surprised us. Why is he talking about this now? What are his motives?

In the era when the money-making spectacles replaced pure football, someone is whining about the rival’s financial resources? Ok, we can understand that, but not from Klopp.

He saw that once before, when West and East Germany unified, and when the financially superior West took over all the best from East, practically terminating high-level football in that part of his country.

Even today, the clubs from East countries can’t compete with those from the West, but that is not in Klopp’s focus. Those who follow Bundesliga closely know about that.

Also, we can’t see why the whole takeover situation should bother Klopp. This is a free market the last time checked. Big fish eat the smaller ones, it is something normal.

There is hypocrisy in his stance, you know. It appears that the “big” clubs aren’t ready to be in an inferior position. When they sat on top of the food chain, everything was ok, they were exploiting clubs from beneath, buying players, and dictating terms, but once the situation changed, all of them suddenly cared about the nature of the sport and wanted to “preserve its” soul.

Times change and that is the beauty of life, you know. We don’t want to see Liverpool, Real, Barcelona, or Bayern Munich dominating constantly. We want new faces. And all those talks about certain clubs being “plastic” or without history come from those who lost their positions

The same is with Klopp. We love him, but he isn’t right here.


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