Despite being the top favorites for winning both the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, Manchester City is showing some signs of slowing down in recent times.

We aren’t focused only on their performances on the pitch because Guardiola’s unit targets the form for the second part of the year, but on several other factors as well.


What’s Happening With Manchester City?  

Manchester City couldn’t defeat Southampton earlier today, playing without goals at Etihad. This match had an interesting prelude in the recent few days. 

The Spanish manager called out the fans for not being consistent enough and skipping some matches that aren’t “interesting” from their perspective. Guardiola even said he wouldn’t apologize for his previously stated words, heating the atmosphere and straining the relationship between him and the fans. 

Today’s draw against the Saints will undoubtedly deepen the “crisis” and maybe expose other weaknesses of the English champs. But that is only maybe. 

What we want to say is that City isn’t that confident as before. Despite winning four in a row and scoring 17 goals while keeping three clean sheets during that span, we didn’t get that impression from the previous years, when this team looked more stable. 

We are aware that many players had international duties this summer, playing at EURO, Copa America, or the Olympics. It sure did affect their both physical and mental state, sucking out the energy from all of them.

Guardiola Struggling

But for the first time, we’ve seen Guardiola who isn’t “cool.” He usually had a bit of a casual appearance at press conferences, but nowadays, he uses a far more business-like approach. Only time will tell whether this is his strategy to keep the tension among the fans and the players or something else.

What is also one of the reasons why City isn’t looking as dominant as before is the failure of landing Harry Kane. All the media and the football community were convinced that Tottenham’s superstar would sign for the Citizens. In the end, that didn’t happen. 

This may be the first defeat of the City’s management during the transfer window in the last five or six years. They usually solve such situations in no time. Kane wanted to leave, and there was some insider information that he wanted to join Man City, but Tottenham’s board refused every offer that came on their address. 

Guardiola’s team has a superb attack, that is something we aren’t going to debate about it, but they need a classical striker, which Kane is. Now, after Aguero left, it was logical to get a replacement for the Argentinian, and the above-mentioned was the first pick. When the transfer window closed, City was without its acquisition and a player up front, which wasn’t the plan. 

Grealish arrived, but to be perfectly honest, Kane would be a bigger addition, more useful in numerous aspects of the game. 

This might be a temporary phase for the Citizens, who are playing well when looking at the overall picture. But these small details we’ve noticed are enough reasons for us to suspect that things might not go as many expect.