One of the most highly anticipated transfers for next summer was Liverpool signing England International and Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham. It seemed as though over the last six months, Liverpool were primed to be the next destination for the 19-year-old.

The speculations heightened as Bellingham was seen celebrating and hanging around primarily Liverpool players at the World Cup. It seemed as though Bellingham had strong relationships with Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson and Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander Arnold.

Liverpool Out On Bellingham

New reports have changed the narrative around the transfer. New reports have stated that Liverpool are unlikely to sign Bellingham, due to the transfer fee, and Liverpool not having the financial backing that clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester City have, and they will miss out on Bellingham’s signature this summer. Liverpool’s ownership must put Bellingham at the top of their priority list, and expend every asset to sign him if they want to be a Champions League competitive side for the next decade.

Reds Midfield Needs Rebuild

Liverpool have been one of the most consistently great sides of the last 5 years. ever since Jurgen Klopp has come into the red side of Merseyside, They have been powerhouses of not just English football, but European football. However, this season has shown that Liverpool are in need of retooling their squad, primarily their midfield, if they want to continue any kind of success.

The Reds have missed out on plenty of transfers in the past, due to ownership not wanting to pay top dollar for players, and Klopp has been able to find replacements that have been able to do a serviceable, if not a better job than the player that was originally attached to go to the reds.

That kind of mentality, and somewhat luck, looks like it is running out for liverpool, and they need to find their midfielder of the future, in the same way that they needed to pay top dollar for the likes of Virgil Van Dijk, and Alisson, when those positions were at a dire need for the club.

Stop Competitors To Bellingham’s Signature

Another reason why Liverpool must get Bellingham in the offseason, is that they are taking away one of the best young players, if not the best young player in the world, away from their competitors. Chelsea spent over £400 million in January, as new owner Todd Boehly has shown that he has no problem spending an exuberant amount of money, Manchester City are the richest club in England, and are consistently battling with PSG as the richest clubs in the world.

Outside of the domestic league, Liverpool have not been able to get past Real Madrid for years, and if Bellingham is signed by the Spanish giants, it will become just as hard to win another Champions League trophy with such a great midfield already adding in the best young talent at his position.