Liverpool and Manchester United had one of the most memorable games this past weekend in their storied rivalry. It was memorable, as Liverpool destroyed a red-hot Manchester United side 7-0. It was a shocking result on both ends, as this has been the worst season for Liverpool under Klopp since the first year he took over as manager in 2015.

While it looks like Manchester United has finally found a stable rebuild under manager Erik Ten Hag.

Although it was only three points, it was more than just a win and loss on both sides, it was a wake-up call to Liverpool, Manchester United, the rest of the premier league, and beyond.

Liverpool Are Still World Class

Before Liverpool’s momentum was quickly halted against Real Madrid in their 2-5 drubbing, they were one of the hottest teams in the Premier League and looked like they may have found some form again. What the 5-2 score also didn’t show was how great Liverpool looked in the first half and how they showed that they are still world-class.

Luckily for the Reds, they were able to find that form again against Manchester United, and when they are in that mode, they are one of the most difficult teams to beat in the world. This game, and the last few weeks, have shown that Liverpool is not in panic mode, they have hit a slump, and it looks as though that slump may be slowly ending.

This isn’t to say that Liverpool are Premier League contenders, or they’re likely going to come back against Real Madrid to advance in the Champions league. However, this is to say that Liverpool can make a serious race for the top four, make some reinforcements in the summer, and be back to contending in the Premier League by next season.

United Flaws Were Put On Display

Manchester United was showcasing that they were one of the most dangerous teams in the world, despite their standings in the league or that they are currently playing in the Europa League. However, the 7-0 dramatic failure on the Red Devil’s part was a wake-up call that manager Erik Ten Hag has been prone to these types of games with United.

This season, Ten Hag has seen his squad concede six goals to Manchester City in one game, lost 4-0 to Brentford at the beginning of the season, was upset by Aston Villa 3-1, and now the smashing from their biggest arch rival, Liverpool.

This game was a perfect example of why United is not in the title race this season. United’s highs looked incredible, and they were one of the best teams in the world, but their lows were dramatic. When they are playing well, they are viewed as the legendary United days are just moments away, but they’re doing an uphill climb, not a dash.