Massive news around Manchester City dropped on Monday, when it was confirmed that Manchester City were charged with numerous breaches of financial rules from the Premier League. This is not unfamiliar territory for City, as they faced allegations from UEFA just a few years prior.

City were to be fined €30 million, and have a 2-year ban from the Champions League until they took the trial to the court of arbitration of sports, and won. City were only fined €10 million, for not cooperating with the investigation, and were allowed to stay in the champions league.

However, much of the decision was due to UEFA’s allegations were time barred. The Premier League does not have the same timeframe and many of the allegations that were thrown out in the last trial, will have far more weight in this one. If Manchester City are guilty, these are some of the things that should happen.

Fined Heavily

There is no doubt that with all of these sanctions coming down on Manchester City, and allegations coming out multiple times, that Manchester City Have likely broken many financial rules from the Premier League.

The Premier League needs to come down hard on Manchester City, if they ever want financial fair play to be taken seriously. A heavy fine is the most likely outcome for Manchester City to face, but it will be interesting if they face any further punishment, as they did not in the last trial.

Transfer Ban

Clubs like Chelsea taken inspiration from Manchester City’s extreme expenditure in the league over the last decade in this transfer window, which will undoubtably lead to questions to Chelsea as well. With all these examples of possible negligence with financial fair play, giving a serious transfer ban, could be one of the biggest punishments for a club like Manchester City, who are always attempting to buy the best players to remain at the top of the league, and stop clubs from trying to do this each season. City will need to face a transfer ban for multiple years for this to be effective with the squad that they have accumulated.

Point Deduction Next Season but Keep Titles

One of the biggest punishments that many have talked about, is the fact that Manchester City could have their titles that they’ve won over the last decade and a half stripped. Although Manchester City have not fully earned them if found guilty, they should not be awarded to other clubs.

The likes of Manchester United and Liverpool had incredible seasons, but giving them championships years after heartbreak, will not mean the same. Aguero’s goal is etched in the mind of all Premier League fans, and it can’t be taken away over a decade later, what can be punished is their future.

Allow them to keep the titles that they have won, because the past cannot be changed. The league can punish City for the future, which is why a massive point deduction needs to be given for next season. City’s history can remain what it is, but their future will be the uphill climb they have to worry about.