Game Recap

Manchester City took care of Manchester United by defeating them by a score of 2-0 in a game that showed two teams that are on completely different wavelengths. City was able to control the possession throughout and pass all around the United defense.

Eric Bailly got Manchester City on the board with his errant clearance that got by goalkeeper David De Gea for an own goal in the seventh minute. Bernardo Silva put a second one through in the 44th minute, right before the second half on some pitiful defending by Luke Shaw.

United were outshot sixteen to five which included five on target from City and only one from the Red Devils. Manchester City dominated possession controlling the ball for 68% of the game. It seemed to be a game of a group of men against boys with United looking around for any help or direction on how to stop City.

Key Takeaways from the Game

Manchester United, despite the pleas from many fans, are sticking with Ole Solskjaer at the lead, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. United management reiterated after the defeat that they are moving forward with Ole and believe that time is everything that Manchester United needs to figure out their issues.

A huge worry for fans is to lose the hope of the players. There were many times throughout the game where players looked frustrated, confused, and defeated. This is not a good sign with so much talent on the team. I don’t know whether the players are looking for assistance in terms on a new coach or just tactical direction, but things need to change soon to keep the players engaged.

The last takeaway is not just from this game but much of the recent games for United. From the kickoff, Manchester United look to play for the tie and try to steal the game in the end. This way of winning/playing is not sustainable and will leave this team without many wins if this continues.

It is not because lack of talent because that is there for United. They should be able to compete with the top teams in England and the world. While it’s still early, United’s management and experienced players need to take it into their hands to bring success to Manchester United

Next Up for Manchester United

Many players will play with their countries for World Cup qualifiers this week. Manchester United will get a chance to figure out their issues in their next matchup against 17th ranked Watford after the International break. United is in sixth with lots of ground to make up to stay in the top four of England. Their matchup with Watford will be next Saturday at 10 am EST.

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