Just one day after Leicester City sacked manager Brendan Rodgers, Chelsea decided to do the same, sacking their manager Graham Potter after just six months on the job. Potter at Brighton that he was one of the best up-and-coming British managers in the world, but he was not ready to take on the difficult job that Chelsea required.

One thing that is the same from the ownership between Roman Abramovich and new Chelsea manager Todd Boehly is that they do not have much patience for mediocrity. Chelsea have had an awful season, and have fell short of every expectation for themselves, and Potter was let go relatively quickly.

These are some of the candidates that could be a great fit to be the next manager of Chelsea football club.

Julian Nagelsmann

It seems as though Chelsea and Tottenham will be battling for the race of former Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann. Nagelsmann was sacked by Bayern even though he has taken Bayern to the quarterfinals of the Champions League and just one point off of Dortmund for the lead in the Bundesliga.

Nagelsmann will be one of the most sought-after managers in the world, and there is likely no other team that will have the money and the history like Chelsea that will be offering him a contract this summer. As long as Nagelsmann wants to go to the Premier League, Chelsea will likely be the best offer that he can take, and one that he could thrive in with all of their new players from January.

Mauricio Pochettino

Chelsea and Tottenham will be two of the biggest clubs in the race for a new manager and they could capitalize on what is one of Tottenham’s biggest mistakes, sacking Mauricio Pochettino. Pochettino did not have the best time at PSG, but he took Tottenham to the Champions League final against an incredible Liverpool squad.

Pochettino proved in his time at Tottenham that he can lead a talented squad to new limits that they have not, or possibly even would not reach without him. This Chelsea squad needs a identity, and a manager that can do the best quickly, as Chelsea do not have much restraint in firing a manager that isn’t getting the job done within the first few months of the job.

Pochettino has a ton of experience in the Premier league, and he would easily be one of the best candidates to take the Chelsea job if he wants it.

Carlo Ancelotti

One that could come out of left field, is Chelsea bringing back Carlo Ancelotti. Ancelotti is one of the most decorated managers in footballing history, who has won titles in almost every single place that he’s been. Chelsea have a familiarity with him, with his time with the club as manager from 2009-11. It would seem highly unlikely that he would be sacked by Real Madrid, but with their expectations of greatness as well, if they fail in the Champions League or do not win La Liga, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Real Madrid make a cutthroat move and get rid of Ancelotti.