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Darwin Nunez Isn’t A Bust At Liverpool

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Darwin Nunez has been one of the most talked about players in the world since his move to Liverpool. John believes he hasn’t been a bust.

Darwin Nunez has been one of the most discussed, and criticized players since he moved to Liverpool in the summer. Nunez moved to Liverpool from Benfica for €100 million, and the expectations were Nunez to be one of the best players in the league.

After a rough start to the season for the Urugyian attacker, he is finding his form at the Merseyside club even if the goals aren’t at an elite level, and he is proving why Klopp brought him in and the potential he has.
comparison to Haaland

One of the most unfortunate things to happen to Nunez, was at the time of him signing for Liverpool. The Reds needed a striker, and the biggest one on the market was Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland. Haaland decided to sign for Liverpool’s rival and the club they battled for the title for years, Manchester City. The Haaland transfer for a similar fee to Nunez going to Liverpool, thus everyone comparing them, with them being looked at as the next two big stars for the Premier League.

The comparison was unfortunate from the jump, as Haaland is a generational talent, who will likely break all primarily striking records in his first year at Manchester City. Nunez cannot and will not compare to that kind of greatness, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a bad player in his own right. Once the comparisons begin to stop, Nunez will be looked at in a much easier and brighter light.

Goal Record

Darwin Nunez is currently sitting on five goals and three assists in fifteen games, as well as 10 goals in 26 games, in no way an abysmal season. It is undoubtable that the biggest issue with Nunez’s game currently, is his expected goal percentage. Nunez currently hasn’t expected goal of -3.9, As he clearly has missed a lot of chances, that making would change the narrative of him completely.

However, the expected goal percentage doesn’t have to be looked at completely negative. while it’s not ideal, it is showcasing that Darwin Nunez is getting into positions, and watching the games would showcase how good he is at taking on defenders, and finding areas to get his shot.

It is simply an issue on being clinical, which can be fixed with confidence, and more game time in the premier league. These are very fixable issues, but he is scoring goals, and if he begins to be clinical in that area, he will have an elite amount of goals in no time.

Liverpool’s Nightmare Season

Liverpool is having a nightmare season at the moment, as they’re currently in 9th in the Premier League after their win against arch rivals Everton. Nobody on the Liverpool squad is having a career year, and that includes Nunez.

However, there has been a resurgence in Nunez over the last few weeks, and Liverpool have looked like a better team because of it. There’s a good argument that over the last few games, Nunez has been the best player in Liverpool’s attack, due to his breathtaking pace, and ability to beat defenders.

He has a similar goal to shot ratio as Son Heung-Min, who is not criticized to the same degree due to the confidence of what he has already done. Once Nunez and Liverpool regain their confidence, he has shown the potential to be an elite attacker.

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