Manchester United lost in the EFL Cup to West Ham 0-1. Just a few days following a lucky win over the same rival, the Red Devils managed to once again spoil something that might have been a start of a nice streak.

That has been the story of this team ever since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over the wheel. During his interim stint, United was bashing and trashing the rivals, but everything changed as soon as he officially became the manager.

Solskjaer now has one of the most expensive teams in the world, filled with unreal talent. And yet, he struggles to provide consistency and notable results. Last year United lost the Europa League finals, and that was his biggest chance to win a trophy. This season the Red Devils are already out of the EFL Cup, meaning that his window for snatching a trophy became narrower.

Why Don’t We Like Ole?

The Norwegian manager isn’t up to his current task, and that has nothing to do with our feelings for him. Simply, he doesn’t know how to exploit the full potential of his unit.

Ole Needs to Go

We saw on many occasions that he knows to defend much better than to attack, and overall, United has been posting solid results in some big games away from home. But in the matches, when they need to be the side that dictates the tempo and press, things aren’t going smoothly. And that is solely Solskjaer’s mistake.

Let’s be straight with you. This United team should be one of the top three favorites for winning the EPL and one of the top five for the UCL title. After watching them this year, did you have the same impression? The majority didn’t.

If it weren’t for Ronaldo, they wouldn’t win against Newcastle, be sure of that, and the sole man to blame would be Solskjaer, who doesn’t know how to attack and how to boost the players’ morale in such situations.

Just remember how United played at home under Sir Alex Ferguson’s guidance. Constant pressure, with him jumping from the bench to give the push from the sidelines. Solskjaer is mostly quiet, without some bursts, and you can’t be like that at Trafford. Especially when you lead the team worth almost a billion.

Also, one other thing about him is that he doesn’t have the needed authority in the locker room. We’ve seen that so many times, starting with when Pogba wanted to leave and in several different situations. Be sure that at some point this year, he will be under Ronaldo’s pressure to change something in his tactics, and that could end up badly for the team.

Solskjaer doesn’t have a solid relationship with the media as well, and they are always heating the stories about his departure from Trafford. It’s no wonder why his name is always on the “Next Manager to Leave Post” lists.

Ole Needs to Go

Our personal opinion is that United needs a new manager who prefers offensive-minded philosophy of play and is more experienced. They have a very good team this year, with Ronaldo leading the way, but the Portuguese doesn’t have too much time left. His uniqueness needs to be used properly; otherwise, the Red Devils might stay without silverware for a long time.


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