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Orlando Pride: The Blockbuster Trade of the Summer

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The Orlando Pride has traded Sydney Leroux to Angel City for a first-round pick in the 2024 draft including $75,000 in allocation money as well. Read all about the trade here.

The Orlando Pride has traded Sydney Leroux to Angel City for a first-round pick in the 2024 draft including $75,000 in allocation money as well. Now, this is nothing new in the world of sports, teams trade star players to ensure the best future picks. However, Sydney Leroux was the glue remaining to a team that has been falling apart.

Pride recently has either lost or traded valuable players, players that have experience and could guide the up and newcomer players. Within the past 7 months: Alex Morgan, Jodie Taylor, Ali Krieger, and at least 11 others.

Read more about the NWSL.

Syndey Leroux to Angel City

Angel City has gotten its money’s worth out of the trade. Adding Leroux to the team helps to fill in Christen Press’s spot as she recently had a season-ending injury. A versatile forward, who has years of expertise behind her as well as her ability to score.

“Sydney’s goal-scoring ability, her tenacity, and her passion on the field will be exciting for our fans to watch,” Angel City club director Eniola Aluko said on the club’s website. “We are also delighted to add another mother of two beautiful children to our team and organization.”

Since her time with Pride:

“the UCLA product totaled 18 goals across all competitions, including four assists, in 63 appearances. Additionally, Leroux earned two NWSL Team of the Month nods, as well as being named Player of the Week during Week 17 of the 2021 season.”

The Rebuild of Orlando Pride

Chaos. Absolute Chaos. Only two words can be used to describe the current state of Orlando Pride. Now empires might have to fall before they rise again, and that simply is what Pride is doing. On top of losing a multitude of players, coaches are being suspended.

Now, this might go hand in hand since the departures started once the hiring of head coach, Amanda Cromwell, took place in 2021. Since then Cromwell and the assistant coach have been suspended and investigated for retaliation against a player. Whilst all this is going on, Orlando is in 2nd to last place with two wins, 5 losses, and two ties.

Due to Cromwell’s suspension, a player transactions freeze was placed on Orlando as a result. Leroux trade was the first transaction since the freeze was lifted on July 17th. Its’ a difficult time being a Pride fan right now … during Pride month.

What’s Next for Orlando Pride

With $75,000 in allocation money, Pride has the opportunity to start the rebuild on a great note. A lot of the moves (trades, players being waived, etc.) can be a more cynical take however this is ensuring a clean slate for Pride. A clean slate allows for the franchise to be seen as more of an attractive buy for high-level interest.

Now it doesn’t help that the 2024 draft is 2 years away, however it’s hard to believe this organization will make it another year. It’s possible to see that this team most likely might fol or relocate but it is hard to tell at this point.

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