The Premier League has become incomparable to any other league in terms of spending. Read why John thinks no other league can catch up in this window.

Premier League Spending Has Become Untouchable

World Football tends to spend billions of dollars every summer on transfers. However, typically in the January window, teams only spend what they feel they need to do to achieve a realistic goal that they have. If a team sits in sixth place, they may bring in one or two players to fight for that fourth-place spot for Champions League football next season. While many of the lower teams in the league around the world will spend more than most teams to attempt to avoid relegation.

However, this January transfer window has completely shaken all of that up, as the Premier League is miles ahead of any league in the world with transfer spending. In terms of the Big five leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1), these are the amount spent across the leagues:

Spending Differences Across The Big 5 Leagues

Ligue 1: €8.3M
Serie A: €9.1M
La Liga: € 23.3M
Bundesliga: €34M
Premier League: €352.5M

It is clear that there is a massive jump when it comes to Premier League spending over any other league in World football currently. The Premier League has taken the sole spot as the largest and most covered league in the world by many experts over the last five years, and it is clear that everyone in the league can outspend most leagues, which will Inevitably bring most of the best players in the world to the league.

Chelsea’s Spending Spree

The biggest contributor to this massive spending spree by the Premier League has been Chelsea. The Blues have spent over €178 million, and reports are coming out by the day they attempt to sign a few more players before the window ends.

With the way that Chelsea is spending money, it does seem as though new owner Todd Boehly doesn’t have a set strategy for these transfers, and is panic buying. To be fair to Boehly, Chelsea is in panic mode, as they currently sit in 10th in the Premier League table.

While the dreams of a Premier League Championship are likely over for the Blues, they are only five points off of fifth place, and a guaranteed European spot would be massive for their next transfer window and the club’s revenue. It is a risky move, that the likes of Leeds United have seen backfire on the club, but with the resources that Chelsea has, they can do such a risk, and likely be okay.

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Do Other Leagues Need To Spend More?

Many supporters of the massive spenders and the Premier League, would argue that the other leagues need to spend more. To be fair to this argument, the other leagues around the world like Serie A, LA Liga, and Bundesliga, are making a ton of profit, but aren’t going on massive spending sprees, and these top teams in the Premier League are taking advantage of the situation.

It is a gross amount of spending what these Premier League teams are doing, but there are clubs in other leagues that could do the same if they wanted. However, if the strategy backfires on these Premier League teams, it will be a perfect example of spending money, which doesn’t make a squad a better club.