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St Louis Ambush Create Pipeline to Des Moines

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St Louis Ambush have created an affiliate agreement with the Iowa Demon Hawks. The Demon Hawks are competing in the Major Arena Soccer League M2 for the 2022-23 season. M2 is the second tier of professional indoor soccer and serves to supply players for the Major Arena Soccer League.

The St Louis Ambush currently are part of the top tier of the MASL. This will be of assistance for the Ambush as player injuries occur or current players need more development. MASL has 14 teams and each team plays a 24 game schedule in 2022-23 as opposed to M2 only plays 12 games

The MASL encourages teams from different tiers to collaborate on player development, to share business strategies and marketing ideas and to promote the sport of professional indoor soccer in general.

After the agreement was announced, Co-Owner and CEO Shelly Clark had this to say about the agreement:

“allows for collaboration between the two organizations to develop indoor players. As needs arise throughout the season, we’ll be able to look at players from the Demon Hawks to help fill roster spots. We look forward to this partnership with the Demon Hawks and feel this can be an arrangement that will benefit both clubs.”

From the other side, Demon Hawks owner Darwin Salas was quoted”

“It is an honor to be affiliated with such a great organization like the St. Louis Ambush and encourage all M2 teams to follow the leadership and help of our commissioners for the love and growth of professional indoor soccer.”

The St Louis Ambush are in the tenth season and will begin on November 22, 2022 with a contest at The Family Arena in St Charles, Mo at 5:05 p.m. against the Kansas City Comets.

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