Three Italian Serie A teams are in the final of the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League.

The Italian Serie A: How Italian Teams Can Conquer Europe In The 2022/23 Season

It is a fantastic season for the three teams, and we expect at least one or two of them to win these Cups. Inter Milan would face the English Premier League side, Manchester City, and they would be ready to win their fourth UCL title.

Roma would face Sevilla in the Europa League final after winning the Europa Conference League title in the last campaign. Fiorentina qualified for the Europa Conference League final and would face West Ham.

Inter Millan in the Champions League Final

Inter Milan has successfully qualified for the UEFA Champions League Final for the 2022/2023 campaign after beating their league rival (AC Milan) in both legs of the semi-final. The first leg ended in a 2-0 victory to favor Inter Milan, and they won the second leg by one goal to nil to secure the final.

Inter Milan Milan is among the best teams in UCL history, where they have been into the final five times. They have won three of this prestigious tournament, and their most recent win was in 2010 when they faced Bayern Munich in a 2-0 victory.

However, they would face Manchester City on the 10th of June, 2023. Manchester City eliminated Real Madrid in the semi-final, where they played 1-1 in the first leg of the game away from home, and they eventually sealed their spot in the final after beating Real Madrid at the Etihad Stadium in a 4-0 victory.

Roma in the Europa League Final

Roma is another second Italian team that would play in a European tournament final. They would face the La Liga side Sevilla for the UEFA Europa League final on the 31st of May, 2023. They managed to seal the spot after eliminating Bayern Leverkusen in the tournament’s semi-final.

Their first leg was played on their home ground on the 11th of May, and it was a challenging game for them. Fortunately, Edoardo Bove scored in the 63rd minute of the game to give his team victory and the hope of getting the upper hand.

The second leg was played on Thursday, when Roma was away from home, and they managed to play a goalless draw, ending both legs in a 1-0 scoreline on aggregate.

Fiorentina in the Europa Conference League Final

Fiorentina is the third Italian team in the European tournament final, and they would be facing the English Premier League side, West Ham United, in the Europa Conference League final. It was a challenging game for Fiorentina after losing the first leg at home to Basel in a 1-2 scoreline. However, they fought hard in the second leg, playing 1-2 full-time.

However, after extra time in the game, they scored their third goal to secure the win over Basel. Therefore, we expect this team to battle the cup with West Ham United, even though it will be challenging.

Our Thoughts

Predicting the result of a final game is always tricky because teams would want to win the trophy. As for these three Italian teams, one can win the title, and it would be between Roma and Fiorentina, respectively.

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